Freelance Marketing is Simple with Twitter

Freelancing with Twitter

Twitter, the micro-marketing site stealing the hearts of people across the world, is an excellent outlet for freelancers looking to make it in this big old world. Whether you are a freelance writer, a freelance telemarketer or operate another kind of business on your own, creating your free Twitter account and jumping on the bandwagon is a move in the smart direction if success is something you are smelling in the future.

With Twitter you can say little and make a big impact. In fact, Twitter wouldn’t have it any other way. Your messages are limited to just 150 characters! While it may not seem like you can do a lot with so little,  Twitter has proven to be powerful for marketing over the past few years.

How is Twitter Making Such an Impact?

Currently around 100 million people use Twitter each day. Those people come to Twitter to socialize with their friends, checkup on those they’ve not spoken to in ages and even to find products and services they need. When your freelance services is in the mix, marketing has never been so easy.

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With so many people using Twitter each day you have the chance to reach thousands of people locally, nationally and internationally. This provides the opportunity for marketing not just to those near you but those around the world. How is that for building your freelance business?

If that were not enough, Twitter allows you to connect to other freelancers within the same field, helping build your contacts and the people whom are aware of your existence. You can also use the marketing site to promote your services and skills. Best of all, you can do it all while having a ton of fun, gaining customer feedback and insight and even find work. The possibilities with Twitter are absolutely endless.

Benefiting With Twitter

Once a Twitter account has been created you have the power to do so much. Take a look at some of the biggest benefits of Twitter for your freelance services as well as tips for making the most of your experience:

  • Build your Name: Unless you are an Amazon  or a Wal-Mart, you need as much help building a name for yourself as possible. Twitter helps you gain ‘followers’ and spread the word about your services and business. In no time at all you can tell the world who you are and gain loyalty at the same time.
  • Keep it Professional: Maintaining professionalism is an important part of good marketing.  While you want to interact and have fun with those you are connecting with, keep in mind you are representing your business, your way of life, and professionalism is a must at all times.
  • Promote Specials: You can use Twitter in a multitude of ways , including to promote current specials, contests and more. This gives you plenty of opportunity to attract a large audience.
  • Be Active: When you are active on Twitter you’ll have more fun and will be able to help build yourself as a trustworthy brand.

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