Dos And Dont’s: Using Twitter For Small Business

A professional Twitter account can be a strong part of your small business’s social media marketing strategy, but only if you know how to use it without annoying your followers. If you tweet incessantly, make the mistake of treating your corporate Twitter account like your personal account, or only tweet sales pitches, you’re going to lose followers. Here are some Dos and Don’ts for small business tweeting.


  • Vary your tweet types. Pose questions to your followers, mention discounts and sales, tweet about industry-specific news, post photos of your product, retweet occasionally and yes, make the occasional sales pitch.
  • Make the value proposition clear to your potential followers. If you have a link on your website to your Twitter account, let people know why you’re worth following.
  • Use 1-2 hashtags per tweet (any more and the engagement rate drops). Tweets with hashtags get 2X more engagement than those without (according to research by Buddy Media).
  • Ask people to retweet occasionally. If you explicitly ask people to retweet you, you’ll get 23X more retweets than if you don’t ask (according to Buddy Media).
  • Reply to followers and customers who tweet at you.
  • Follow back, and keep on top of the chatter about your small business. Know what people are saying about you using the search function, or a program like TweetDeck or HootSuite.


  • Don’t be a Klouchebag. Klouchebags use profanity, retweet excessively or not at all, announce every one of their check-ins, TYPE IN ALL CAPS, and use too many exclamation marks!!!!
  • Don’t set up a Twitter account for your business and treat it as an extension of your personal Twitter account. It looks really unprofessional when a business’s Twitter account contains tweets like, “So hungover after last night!”
  • Never insult people who tweet negative things about your brand. Acknowledge their concerns and then tell them to email you privately.
  • Avoid posting more than 4 times a day. Posting as little as three times a week is still better than over tweeting.  Fans will unfollow you even if they like your business if you clog up their fans’ Twitter feeds with too many tweets.
  • Don’t forget to tweet on the weekends. People check Twitter more often on the weekend, yet brands rarely tweet outside of business hours.

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