Chennai Express Arrives But Fails To Deliver On Twitter

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  • anuj says:

    Agree to the point you made. Even i was looking for relation between number of tweets and speed of train and it would have been more exciting with this and actually asking users to tweet sensible things about movie with said hashtag. But alas. Its a dull campaign.

  • KM says:

    They’re not doing it seriously. The trailer was always going to be released on the 13th of June so the tweeting won’t effect it.

    Promotion on twitter and that too for a big film doesn’t mean anything, especially considering only a very small portion of the indian audience is on twitter.

  • Kumar says:

    Slated for June 14th release? Oh, Really?

  • EG says:

    This article is totally useless. It’s just a gag to build a relation between tweeting under a hashtag and the moving of the train. Every clear thinking human knows, that the moves of the train can not depend on the number of tweets under the hashtag. The only way the train moves is, when the admins of that website move it. Release is on th 13. of June, no matter how many are tweeting under this hashtag. It was only a funny intention, whats the use of this article above… tell us something that no one already knows. Maybe the writer of that article ist the only one who don’t know it….

    • trnz says:

      Exactly… i agree completely to ‘EG’. i didnt thot sum1 can be as dull as vinaya naidu. atleast write sum sense..

  • amalesh says:

    well said ……

  • Sneha says:

    guys pls dont post something that u r not aware about.The idea of tweeting & fuelling the train is definitely working. Pls check

  • nilesh says:

    SRK will rock and haters will definitely go to hell….

  • nilesh says:

    this cheap artical totally by one of the srk hater….whenever srk films came haters and some reporters for publicity start their dirty work….but we will get encouraged to give them answer…so hate us we love it..

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