How To Become a Conversationalist on Twitter

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  • Hi,
    Good article but bad examples, every time Coca Cola answered and did not generate a conversation, so your argument is not validated by the examples, even though I believe it’s true!

    • Le Beau, thanks for reading. Some of the tweeters did indeed reply to Coca Cola’s tweets, but I didn’t include them here. The focus here is on business owners and how they can try different things / approaches in reaching out to readers – not so much what the readers replied. Thanks.

  • Le Beau Parleur, I happen to agree with the great article. But I disagree with the bad examples. As a business trying to start conversations on Twitter, it can be hard to use what tweets you have available. I think Malene did a great job on how companies can reach out to readers, followers, etc.

    Of course, not every tweeter will respond. I went back to look at some of these tweets and some of the people did respond. So I think this article is great advice. I tried a few and it worked.

    Thanks Malene!

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