Awesome New Tool Reviewed: “ClicktoTweet” your Crisis Communications

clicktotweet-logoI’m pretty jazzed about this new tool I recently discovered, called ClicktoTweet! ClicktoTweet is a free tool, still in its beta stage, that you may have noticed I’ve started using in some of my blog posts.

Basically, it allows you to create a tweet and then it generates a link for you to insert into your online copy, allowing others to easily tweet out your message. Wanna see what I mean? Click here.

What is the potential of Click to Tweet for your crisis communications?

In a crisis we want our audience to help spread our message. Some even go as far as blatantly asking their audience to retweet specific tweets from the company’s account. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of these types of requests – if someone wants to retweet and share your message, they’ll do so on their own. However, there’s nothing wrong with making it easy for them to do so on their own – and ClicktoTweet allows you to do just that!

Your crisis communications should be created around key message points that you want to communicate with your stakeholders. By using a tool such as ClicktoTweet within your online crisis communications, you make it easy for your brand advocates to share these key message points.

Don’t go “click to tweet” crazy!

Be careful! Don’t go and fill up your entire page with “click to tweet” or “tweet this” links everywhere! You’ll want to concoct one (max two) strong tweets that really relay your key message point in a crisis. Be crafty and subliminal, not overwhelming or demanding.

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The downside of the tool

So far, it seems best to shorten your links yourself, since the tool doesn’t seem to do that for you, using up a big portion of your 140 available characters on the link. However, the tool is still in its infancy, and I hope that this is just a minor hiccup that ClickToTweet will soon resolve.

Have you experimented with ClicktoTweet, whether in your crisis communications, marketing communications or blog posts? If so, share your experiences and evaluations of the tool with us below!

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