9 Tips To Grow Twitter Followers The Right Way

9 Tips To Grow Twitter Followers The Right Way image

Twitter helps to Build your Branding if you Do it the Right Way.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms today. Unlike traditional mediums, social media like Twitter, gave a voice to anyone in the street. There is about 200 million tweets currently in the world each day. Everyone has something to share and anyone can be a rising brand someday.

Hence, the question is whether having 100,000 followers on Twitter helps to improve your brand. The answer is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Yes because there will be more people who will notice your tweets each day. No because you may have 99999 out of 100,000 followers who don’t care about your tweets.

So, how do we grow our Twitter account, the right way?

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Here are the tips

#1. Follow the Right People and They Will Follow You Back

9 Tips To Grow Twitter Followers The Right Way image

Follow Good People and They Will Follow You Back.

In this context, it means to follow people with common interests and likes as you. What I do instead of typing the interest on the “Who to Follow” section because I know that some big shots won’t care to follow you back; I will usually go to any Twitterer’s profile that have a decent number of followers. Click to see their followers. And then click “CTRL and F” button on your keyboard. Type the interest word on the find box and you will see the list of active users with common interests as you. Follow them and wait for them to follow you back.

In this way, you will get genuine, like-minded followers who will like to see your tweets and appreciate your profile.

#2. Manage Your Followers and the People You Follow

One of the best free online tool to use is Manage Flitter. In this way, you can easily manage those Twitterers whom you followed but do not follow you back.

#3. Tweet Regularly

9 Tips To Grow Twitter Followers The Right Way image

Share With Your Twitterers Your Latest News, Articles and Such.

You need to use Twitter regularly to “service” your followers by giving them your latest news, stories and things you find online that is interesting that you want to share with them. How many tweets shall one tweets a day? One good suggestion is between 7 to 10 tweets a day. This is because people will like to see you as a value provider as they will know that your tweets are useful to them.

#4. Refrain From “Business Greed”

9 Tips To Grow Twitter Followers The Right Way image

Don’t be Greedy. Discard the Idea to Profit From Your Twitterers.

Twitter may be a good way to get business, however you must refrain from doing it too much. The main purpose of Twitter is to socialize and that’s it. You  need to communicate. Do less of selling and more of branding so that people will come to you for advice. Be an expert where people respect and seek you for advice rather than a “talkative” salesman or saleswoman on the Twitter network.

#5 Create a Strong Branding Profile Online

Position your brand on Twitter and the Internet well. Let “Twittersphere” knows that you are an expert twitterer in your niche industry. Write great articles on good industry related websites on the internet to share your knowledge and link your readers to your Twitter account. The more credibility you have, naturally you will start to see the increase in your number of followers each day. One of the simplest things you can do, is to create thoughtful quotes of your own, and then tweet it.

#6 Do Not Buy Followers

9 Tips To Grow Twitter Followers The Right Way image

It’s Wiser to Have 300 Strong Genuine Followers Than 100,000 Unloyal Ones.

(Image is taken from the Original Motion Picture)

Buying followers violates Twitter rules of the game. And it doesn’t bring you good either. Your account may get suspended eventually. And the 100,000 followers that  you bought, may not follow your tweets or like your brand. I rather have 1000 raving fans in my Twitter account than 100,000 so-called followers who don’t even know my name.

#7 Be Prominent

9 Tips To Grow Twitter Followers The Right Way image

Make Your Twitter Profile as Prominent ad the Statue of Liberty.

Register your Twitter profile in popular twitter online directories such as Twellow and Twiends. This opens up more channels to find you easily on Twitter. Eventually, Google and other search engines will index your short Twitter bio, hence you may need to plan craftily by putting important keywords to your bio.

#8 “Connect” with Your Followers

9 Tips To Grow Twitter Followers The Right Way image

“Connecting” With Your Twitter Followers is the Key.

Twitter is made to enhance connection and dialogues between individuals. Make an effort and take the time to learn more about your individual followers, check out their websites, read and appreciate their articles and tweets, thanks them for mentioning you and such. You are not dealing with anonymous robots on Twittersphere but a real person with a name. Twitter and other social mediums have simplified the “connection” between individuals, so, use Twitter wisely.

#9 Be Patient and Keep on Building

9 Tips To Grow Twitter Followers The Right Way image

Be Patient. Take Step by Step to Build Your Influence in Twitter.

Be patient with the results. Do not rush to see a sharp increase in your Twitter followers. Unless you tell me that you are Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber who has almost hundreds of thousands of new followers each day. If you are not, be patient and continue building your brand by giving good tweets and updates, follow like-minded Tweeples, provide values, not just information.

Use Twitter well and you will definitely see tremendous results in your business and branding through this wonderful social media platform.

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