7 Ways To Get Retweet After Retweet

Everyone wants as many retweets as they can get. If you get a lot of retweets, more people will see your tweet and follow you. We all want retweets like Seth Godin who sometimes gets thousands of them for a single post. A majority of his tweets have over 100 retweets as well. These are some of the ways that we can get a lot of retweets, and eventually, as many as Seth Godin himself.

1. Write your own blog posts. If you tweet link after link of other people’s content, people won’t know who you are. Although you should tweet other people’s content, you should also tweet links to your content when you can. If your content is good, it will get retweeted.

2. Use motivational quotes. Each day, I tweet two motivational quotes every day. Those motivational quotes average more retweets than my other tweets. When someone retweets your motivational quote, others will see it and relate to the message. Just like a ripple effect, more people will retweet your motivational quote.

3. Ask for the retweet. People underestimate the power of asking for a retweet. Just put r/t at the end of your tweet or even the entire word. Ask and you shall receive. Use this method sparingly because it gets old very fast.

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4. Tweet about trending topics. When something is trending right now, your followers will want to know as much as they can about what’s trending. This is your chance to tell them about the trending topic. Find a link for one of the trending topics and then tweet about it right away. A quick tweet about the trending topic will get more retweets.

5. Make your tweets relevant. If you tweet about one niche, don’t tweet about another niche. Sports analysts don’t talk about social media. Stay with your niche, and you will get more retweets.

6. Build a following. Your following will gradually build as you tweet more content and promote your account. By building a following, more people will see your tweets and retweet them. As more people retweet your tweets, more people will see your tweet. Then you will get even more retweets.

7. Tweet what works. If you see one of your tweets getting more retweets than your other tweets, you chose something good to tweet about. Capitalize on what works. If one of your tweets gets a lot of retweets, tweet the same tweet a day later. It won’t get as many retweets as the first tweet, but it will still get a lot of retweets.

Those are the 7 ways that you can get retweet after retweet. Be consistent with your tweets, and when the retweets come, they will come in abundance.

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