7 Tips For Tweeting From Live Events

Here at Aprimo, we’re always talking about ways to improve engagement. Despite the digital marketing revolution, live events have not fallen by the wayside. In fact, they’ve been enhanced by social media tools, including Twitter. I’d like to share a few quick tips to ensure that your next event reaches, and engages the largest audience possible:

1. Make your tweets relevant and understandable: You know your audience, so make sure you’re sharing the insights that they’ll find most valuable. Then, frame your tweets so that followers who aren’t at the event can still understand and benefit from your updates. If members of your audience are at the event, encourage them to chime in with their thoughts and get a conversation going!

2. HASHTAG and tag: Keep in mind that all of your followers will see your tweets, so use an event designated hashtag to help them discern between your regular tweets and event tweets. Also, try to find the event’s speakers on Twitter and @mention them in your updates. Speakers will appreciate the comments and it shows you made the extra effort to include them in the conversation. This will also give your audience the option to more easily find and follow the speaker, if they so choose.

3. Diversify the type of updates: Don’t simply repeat everything a speaker is saying, word-for-word or constantly retweet. Instead, move the conversation forward by rephrasing what the speaker says, providing your opinion on the speaker’s thoughts or adding a fresh viewpoint. Remember that you want to spark a two-way dialogue, and unique viewpoints get people talking.

4. Avoid update overload: For your sake and your audiences’ don’t update every 30 seconds. Finding a balance can be difficult, but if you stop actively listening to the speaker, you should take a break. Don’t forget why you came to the event in the first place!

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5. Take time to decompress: After the event, spend time reviewing the hashtag stream and follow fellow attendees to start conversations and build relationships. Conferences often feature subject-matter experts as speakers, so take advantage of your first-hand insight by blogging or tweeting about their presentation.

6. Photos of compelling visuals: Take a photo with your phone and then use a tool like TwitPic, Instagram or Yfrog to tweet the photo out via your smartphone or laptop. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s how to use Twitpic (eHow).

7. Meet your network in real life: Your followers share your interests and read your content, but many of them have likely never met you in person. Make it a point to connect with them on Twitter before your next big event by sending a tweet in advance to see who’s coming. Give yourself a chance to meet them for coffee and expand your conversation beyond 140 characters!

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