5 Ways Marketers Can Use Twitter’s Vine App to Drive Social Media ROI

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  • Really great article.

    I’ve been struggling with Vine and it’s marketing application. I just think 6s is far too short and limits creativity. And everything I’ve seen from it validates this feeling. Though this article has showed that there might be some potential, as many say limitations inspire creativity .

    The biggest problem I have however is my recent discovery of Tout:


    This is essentially the same Idea (and has been around longer) but allows 15s videos. This seems to have much more potential for marketers and for user generated content. Don’t you think? Oh and it’s also available on android as well as ios. Surely this is a better tool for fast creation, uploading and sharing of video content?

  • Great ideas! I’m trying to brainstorm concepts that are entertaining and educational for my audience – it’s such a new method of communication that it’s a little tricky but I’m sure all sorts of creativity will arise! :-)

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