5 Twitter Tools To Manage Your Social Community

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  • Thank you for sharing these tools, Lior!
    From my perspective the most interesting tool is ‘Commun.it’.
    Finding out who are your influencers, supporters or engaged users can help people to easily create Twitter lists.

  • Two out of five already in my portfolio. I’m a bit surprised not to find stuff like: SocialBro, IFTTT, Buffer, Tweet Chat, Paper.li, Tweetkeeper, MarketMeSuite or Justunfollow among your five. Or Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or Yoono for that sake. But maybe you’ve covered some of these already elsewhere?

  • Thanks Peter.
    The tools you’ve mentioned are all great, but I was focusing on tools which helps you track, follow and analyse your followers and fans, rather than other social management activities.
    I also wanted to stop at five.. :-)

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