5 Twitter Tools To Manage Your Social Community

The never-ending job of managing your community, whether you are a marketer or a community manager, is a hard task if you want to do it right.

On Twitter, it is imperative that you keep up with the pace, engage with your followers, and never lose track of a relevant interaction or discussion that involves your brand. This means you have to be everywhere at all times, ready to catch a new trend, or initiate it.

If you are the one in charge of community relations for your company, you should familiarize yourself with the vast array of Twitter community tools, and flush out those that are most relevant for your needs and goals.

1. Tweriod – Know the best times to tweet

This is a simple, yet highly effective tool for analyzing your Twitter followers. Tweriod provides you with data about when your community is active (available to read your tweets), so you can post at better times.

Once you sign up, Tweriod will start the work, and inform you by email or a DM when the results are ready.

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Apart from the exact recommended hours, you can view your overall analysis to get a sense of your community’s most activity hours.

Now, you can then either start tweeting using this data, or integrate with your Buffer account, which will automatically update your auto scheduling hours.

The tool is free for up to 1000 of your followers. To learn about the rest of them, and for a few other features, you must sign up for a monthly subscription.

2. Twtrland – Browse the social web

This tool can basically filter out any Twitter data you need. You can browse users from specific places, or by a specific gender, age, etc. You also get data for all sorts of users, such as celebrities, power users (which can be very useful for your marketing efforts), casual users, and more.

The tool can be a great help when you are looking to interact with people from your field. For example, you can find great connections when you’re travelling (see below).

Twtrland is free, and with the Pro plan for $19.99 / Month you can enrich your browsing experience.

3. Commun.it – A simple way to manage your Twitter connections

This rapidly growing web application, simply sorts your Twitter connections for you, and tips you off when you should take certain actions.

The relationships (your strong connections) are divided into few groups:

  • Influencers – high value members with a good followers/following ratio which recently engaged with you.

  • Supporters – those of your connections which help spread the word, meaning that they share and react to your posts.

  • Engaged Members – These are basically the ones who engage with you the most, from replying to your tweets, favoriting, and so on.

From your community dashboard, you can take several actions (limited amount in the free plan), such as; replying to connections, mentioning them, following people recommended for you, and unfollowing weak connections. The big advantage is the fact you can do it all within one place, and all the data is set in front of you for a quick action.

The Pro plan expands the amount of features you get on the free plan, and there are also plans for business and corporations.

4. TweetsMap – Mapping your followers

This free tool is all about location, or rather, the coordination between your followers and their location.

In map or list view, you can see all your follower’s location segmentation. This provides you with a sense of the best time to post or interact with them, and also about localization of your engaging tweets (such as special holidays, current events, etc.).

5. Mention – Never miss the conversations that are important to you

This might be the most valuable tool of all, as it lets you relax while it does most of the hard work. After you first define what interesting to you, you to track and follow. Mention does the searching for you, and pushes you to anything that happened around your interests.

You can track discussions about your brand (which is often not necessarily involved with mentioning your @name), and any other discussion about your industry and competitors.

It’s kind of like Google Alerts for social mentions, and at certain times it can be a lifesaver.

Your basic Mention usage should involve:

  • Tracking mentions of your brand (with special restrictions)

  • Tracking mentions of your competitors

  • Tracking discussions about your brand’s sphere

With a daily digest of what’s happening, you never get left out of the conversation.

The fun part comes when you start to take actions, and dominate the discussion.

This is just a partial list of course, but these tools are the essentials to keep your community more engaged, and give you the ability to better interact with your followers.

I would love to hear your thoughts – comment here or chat with me on Twitter

Comments: 3

  • Thank you for sharing these tools, Lior!
    From my perspective the most interesting tool is ‘Commun.it’.
    Finding out who are your influencers, supporters or engaged users can help people to easily create Twitter lists.

  • Peter Bjellerup a.k.a. The Social Swede says:

    Two out of five already in my portfolio. I’m a bit surprised not to find stuff like: SocialBro, IFTTT, Buffer, Tweet Chat, Paper.li, Tweetkeeper, MarketMeSuite or Justunfollow among your five. Or Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or Yoono for that sake. But maybe you’ve covered some of these already elsewhere?

  • Lior Degani says:

    Thanks Peter.
    The tools you’ve mentioned are all great, but I was focusing on tools which helps you track, follow and analyse your followers and fans, rather than other social management activities.
    I also wanted to stop at five.. :-)

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