5 Twitter Lists You Should Have

Twitter lists are the hidden secrets of the social selling world. Lists curate all of your potential prospects into one feed so you can see and hear everything they voice.

Any company making the shift towards becoming a social business should be collecting the social profiles of their customers and prospects. Scratch that, every company BETTER BE collecting social profiles for their customers and prospects.

To see more about Twitter, check out “The Ultimate Guide: How to Use Twitter for Social SellingMost companies are not doing this so it’s up to sales people to do some of the lifting for Marketing and show them how it’s done. Here are 5 Twitter Lists you should have to overcome the competition in social selling:

1. Companies In Your Industry

What companies are in your industry and to whom are they talking to? The people they engage with could be your best prospects.  Build a list of companies in your industry and keep track of who they are talking to and what they are talking about.

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2. Competitors

A list of competitors have a number of advantages. Are you talking to the right people? You can measure your social efforts by seeing to whom your competitors are talking to. Poach on their territory a little bit.

70% of businesses ignore complaints on Twitter. There is nothing more frustrating than expressing your anger to a company only to receive little to no attention. Be there to clean up the mess and offer those frustrated customers a better service!

3. Potential Prospects

Find people talking about your industry and add them to your list. Monitor them on a daily basis and look for trigger events, or begin engaging with them. This is a great way to engage with a prospect without worrying about getting through the gatekeeper or cold calling. Be engaging, not sales pitchy!

4. Partners

Partners that work with the same target audience often share similar needs and questions. Follow your partners and interact with them. The more these partners see and interact with you, the more likely they’ll be to remember you when their customers and prospects have a need you can fill.

5. Customers

Engage with your customers! One of the best ways to find your prospects is by looking in the same space as the your customers. If your customer has a connection to the people to whom they are talking to, even better! Ask for an introduction.

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  • John Waite says:

    Great tips – I think Twitter is a great tool for businesses to interact. I have to say that I’ve had the best results using it for customer service over anything else!

  • Thanks for this, this is a useful list of lists ;) I think having a customers list and being completely transparent about business is vital, so ensuring that if there is a complaint made about you, it’s resolved quickly and cleanly. Those who don’t deserve to have their business taken from them.

    Thanks for sharing

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