5 Tips To Get More Retweets on Twitter

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  • Great helpful points. I did not think of asking people to re tweet what i have tweeted earlier. That will be ery helpful especially when you are creating some good content and want to spread the word. Will definitely try it. Also some of my tweets only have 5 characters or less left so I should try and leave the 20 word space for people to add their own words.
    Very useful stuff

  • I am glad when I saw you mentioned “the average brand’s Twitter will claim only 1.3 retweets on one out of every 10 posts.” I am doing 1 retweet or favorite in every 10 posts.

    I was wondering why the figure never go higher than 3. Then according to what you say, I am relieve that I am on a good start. :)


  • Ask for retweets simply indicates the ever famous “ask and you shall receive” adage. I’ve done this but do know when it’s borderline begging. People don’t want that. And as the one who tweeted, you wouldn’t want people to see you in that light as well. :) All of these tips are good but 1,3 & 4 should be strategic and done in moderation.

  • Great article! My @ name is 11 letters. I’ve been told if I change it, it will make me have to tell all of my followers, as they have been used to seeing the same name for years. But I would like to change it!! Suggestions??

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