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4 Tools for Saving Great Tweets!

How to you keep a record of interesting tweets you send?

On twitter the other day I got a tweet from @Garyloper about how to backup tweets and this got me thinking. When I come across great articles I share them out on twitter but I don’t always store them myself.

So I investigated a few different options for saving my tweets.

1. Finding Tweets sent worth saving using

Twitter only stores the last 3,200 tweets you send and doesn’t provide this in a easy to view format. allows you to enter your twitter id and then display the last 3,200 tweets. According to the list below it retrieved 3,243 tweets which is slightly over the limit allowed by twitter.

4 Tools for Saving Great Tweets! image Allmytweets 600x232

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Retrieve your previous 3,200 tweets using allmytweets

This gives you an easier way to navigate through your tweets to find relevant ones you want to save.

2. Bookmark your tweets with Diigo

Diigo is a neat bookmarking tool that allows you to store links to relevant content. The free version allows you to do unlimited bookmarking.

In Diigo there is an option to link your account to twitter. So for example you could:

a). Favorite tweets in twitter and automatically save them in Diigo.

b). Only save favorites that have links.

c). Automatically tag items coming from twitter e.g. tag them ‘tweets’ so you know they came from twitter. Also tag items with hashtags already specified.

4 Tools for Saving Great Tweets! image Diigo

You can use Diigo to automatically bookmark twitter links

3. Bookmark to a selection of places using monitors your twitter account and when it comes across links it automatically adds these links to your favorite bookmarking site such as Delicious, Historious, Pocket (Read it later). You can also bookmark website addresses in replies to you.

4. Use a URL Shortener for every link sent

An alternative method is to use a website address shortener when you are sending links. For example, if you use to shorten all your addresses this keeps track of what links you shared. You can also search through these links.

4 Tools for Saving Great Tweets! image bitly

You can search through all your links that you share using

How do you keep track of important links you send out to twitter? If you have a great way of bookmarking links let us know!

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