3 Ways Marketers Can Benefit from Twitter’s Conversations Update

Last Week, Twitter announced and rolled out a new feature that can help clarify and boost relevance around engagement and ongoing interactions. The new Twitter “conversations” tool lists tweets in chronological order, showing 3 tweets at a time, connected with a line. To see all of the tweets in the conversation, users can click (or tap) the line and view the complete conversation with users participating including users you may not be following.

Previously, Tweets were listed the latest first, and not all participants in a single conversation were shown, depending on who you may or may not be following. The update allows a better sense of the whole picture, rather than a single piece of the equation. The changes allow Twitter users, brands and marketers a better idea of who’s interacting with what content and information and track complete conversations in real time.


“We’ve made it easier for you to see conversations as they’re taking place,” said Twitter Product Manager Jinen Kamdar in a blog post.

Aside from easier conversations, marketers can use this tool to their advantage and harness valuable information and insight into real-time conversations and engagement. Here are 3 things to consider:

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1. Easier Engagement

The conversation tool was made to increase and boost conversations, which as marketers using social media, is one of our primary objectives. Greater ease of conversations allows insight into everyone that is talking about your brand or keywords you might be targeting. Since you can see all of the users engaged in a conversation, this opens up opportunities that could have been missed otherwise.


2. Better Conversation Tracking

As a best practice, I use Twitter lists to keep track of key groups of people, including influencers, news and trends as well as brand advocates and those who frequently engage with our tweets. Updates to conversations tool allows me to see how many conversations my brand might be having with certain individuals and see who else might be included in the conversations.

Since Twitter’s strong suit is real-time developments, I can also see what conversations are current, ongoing or have faded out. Real-time data allows marketers better conversation targeting and more insights into who is participating and when. If a conversation is current and relevant, this opens up opportunities to join new conversations.

3. Easier Sharing

The new tool also allows for easier sharing of important conversations. Users can send a conversation via email, allowing access to full Twitter conversations to anyone with access to email, not just those who are on Twitter.

Marketers can take advantage of this when questions or customer service issues arise. If a community manager is acting on Twitter, they can easily and quickly send a whole conversation to a manager or higher-up who gets access to the complete conversation and all the info, rather than trying to screenshot all parts of the conversation and piece together or wade through new updates on Twitter and lose valuable time and information in the process. Sharing conversations via email cuts the clutter that can cloud understanding full scopes of conversations and can allow managers to make more immediate decisions which results in better and faster responses and in turn creates a better user experience.

Have you been using the Twitter conversations tool? What are your thoughts on the updated feature? Share your thoughts below or tweet me @ErinSRichards.

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