3 Better Twitter Tools to Increase Your Engagement and Following

Gaining Twitter followers is no easy task. Well, for some anyways. There are many articles on the subject of gaining Twitter followers, but in this article I’ve boiled down the 3 best tools and services to jumpstart your Twitter marketing efforts and gain a following fast.

It is important to note that follower count is only a number. What really matters is engagement. I’ll talk about  that in a future blog post. So for now, here are the 3 best tools to gain more Twitter followers.

1) Twibble


In a recent social media study via Social Media Today, it was discovered that tweeting twice as often produced about 38% more retweets, about 14% less mentions and about 70% more favorites. It also led to 124.60% increase in referral traffic.

Twibble is basically an RSS to Twitter service much like Twitterfeed, Dlvr.it or IFTTT. Those are all very good services; however, I wanted to create something where simplicity, design and usability was the core focus. So how do you use Twibble?

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Imagine you’re a social media consultant. You can now regularly feed relevant content to your Twitter account such as Mashable, Tech Crunch, Jay Baer, Mari Smith, etc. This allows you to keep your account active and relevant to your users. By no means am I saying you should only do this. Using a RSS to Twitter service is only meant to supplement your current social media efforts. You can also add relevant hashtags so that your content is seen by a much larger audience. This way when people discover your content, you’ll already have a great following and you’re regularly providing relevant and engaging content.

2) Manage Flitter

3 Best Tools to Gain More Twitter Followers

I discovered this tool awhile back and noticed it greatly supercharged my Twitter growth efforts. This tool allows you to discover users you should be following and find the users that you should probably unfollow. The reason why you’d want to do this is based on the golden ratio as covered in TechCrunch.

If a person has more followers than they are following, they’re probably a good person to at least consider following. If they are following more than they have more followers, the opposite may be true. The greater the discrepancy between the two numbers, the more likely each of those is true — to a certain point, since celebrities like Oprah throw this system out of whack. But for regular, non-Hollywood celebrities, the system works remarkably well as a filter.

I use this tool to then start adding real and engaged followers to my account. Usually fake followers will start to unfollow, which is perfect. This allows you to then capture a better audience who is more likely to follow you because right now, your ratio is well, pretty awesome!

3) Commun.it

Twitter Community Management Dashboard   Twitter Marketing Tool   Commun.it

Now that you have content to provide to the world by using Twibble.io, and you’ve built a good following by using Manage Flitter, now use Commun.it to manage your community and help build lasting relationships that matter.

Commun.it allows you to discover who you should be interacting with, who you should probably follow (if you’re not already following that user) and provide insights on your Twitter community. By using this tool, you’ll be able to understand your Twitter account in a matter of seconds.

So there you have it! I’d love to hear what other tools you use. Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Shona says:

    I use ManageFlitter and Commun.it. I’m not familiar with Twibble. Is it similar to Triberr? I wasn’t really a fan of that. I really love Commun.it, but I use the free version. Which limits you to 20 engagements per week. Which is pretty frustrating (however I don’t have the professional justification for the paid account).

    Also I’m surprised that Buffer didn’t make your list :-)

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