2013, The Year That Twitter Becomes Email (For the Masses)

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  • Thanks for the article Monty it was a good read.

    I’d probably agree with you about the adoption. My clients are SME’s and there has been an organic increase is small businesses joining twitter over the last few months.

    I have to say however that Twitter will never replace email. Not only because of the character limit but email allows far more flexibility in terms of design and information, and the fact you can batch send emails. (imagine trying to send 500 DM’s. That would take quite some time – considering twitter user terms forbids mass DMs) Also no one in this digital age of extensive analytics should be asking if someone’s opened their email. You should no before you even speak to them.

    Personally I think Twitter is so important as another touch point for interaction but I think email is the number one ‘Social Media’ tool, and will be for a long time. Depending on your business you want a balance of using the right platforms (be it Twitter, LinkedIn, FB, Pinterest etc etc)and have they support one another.

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