Why Some Of Your Readers Will Lose Internet On July 9th 2012

Time To Spread The Word….

Yup, some of the “hype” you’ve been hearing is actually true…

Let me explain….

Several months ago, the FBI caught some bad guys that were distributing some “malware” (virus) that infected computers. This malware reset the DNS of the computer to use the bad guys DNS server… so that the bad guys could make the infected folks see lots of spam, porn, popups, ads and other stuff.

The infected computer (Mac or PC) still had internet – but it was being altered by this malware.

The FBI arrested these bad guys and stopped the spread of the malware…. but the the question became of what to do with the servers that were being used.

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It was decided to keep these servers online for a while, to give the infected folks time to learn about the possible infection, and get cleaned up.

Because when these servers get turned off… the lack of DNS will mean that they can no longer get to the internet (until they are fixed).

Some of these systems HAVE been fixed and will be just fine. Some haven’t!

However, the court order (and funding) that keeps these infected servers online expires on July 9th… and any remaining infected computers will stop being able to get online on that date.

The media makes it sound like this is a high percentage of computers – but it’s not. But it still might affect someone you know (in particular, your not-very-web-savvy friends/family).

We, as a community, have until July 9th to ensure that the community that depends on us … is able to GET to us!

The FBI’s official doc is here if you feel the need to slog through it (if you are techy).

Generally speaking online “antivirus” type software is dangerous and to be avoided… but the FBI has actually put up a online site to teach people how to identify and remove for this pesky thing.

Visit http://www.dcwg.org/ to find out how to both scan for and fix the DNSChange infection (if you’re infected).

I know my community here and it’s actually unlikely that your personal system is infected. It however is likely that the system of your friends, family, neighbors and others less savvy is what needs scanned. (Check yours for good measure though, kk?)

Any system that *IS* infected, post-cleanup, really needs a deep scan with a current antivirus, a current malware scanner and to have all of it’s Operating System (Windows/OS) files updated… as the DNSChanger stopped updates from working and blocked most scanners.

Beyond sharing this post… (which I appreciate you doing)… you can help your own site visitors identify if they are infected by turning on the Visitor DNSChanger Detector app on CloudFlare. (This is assuming you are using Cloudflare.com with your site, like I am.) Any infected visitors coming to your site will be alerted about their vulnerability and given information on how they can fix it.

Computer repair shops in your area will be able to help you fix this if it seems too much for you to do yourself.

(That means that when Aunt Barb, from three states away, calls you and tells you her computer won’t get online… you send her to the computer shop to get it fixed.)

This is the kind of stuff that your friends, family, colleagues and yes… even your list… need to know about before the date arrives.

Please feel free to ask questions below, although most of what you need to know is available on http://www.dcwg.org/

Please help me spread the word over the next 2-3 weeks so we help reach as many people as possible.

As always, your also welcome to republish this article (or send it straight to your list) as long as you link it to me and credit me, capiche?

PS: Generally speaking, online antivirus/malware scanners are in fact infected applications trying to hack you. The tools provided by dcwg.org are a very rare exception. I hesitate to suggest using any online scanner but this particular one is safe and important. If it comes from anywhere else… don’t touch it!

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