Where Netflix Stands As A TV Net, 2012 Is The Year Of Social Curation, Chris Columbus’s Kid Lit

NetflixNetflix may have had its share of problems in 2011, but if it were a TV network (it would be the 15th most watched channel in terms of hours of viewing, and among subscriber households, it would be #2! With that level of streaming media viewing, there’s no doubt that some viewers are foregoing traditional TV viewing for Netflix’s streaming options. Elsewhere in TV news, GetGlue tallied viewer check-ins for shows, with “Big Bang Theory” reigning as the show most viewers checked in to. Overall, the top 10 shows garnered more than 6 million check-ins, which may seem like a small number considering the number of social media users out there, but it’s pretty significant when you realize that checking in to media was relatively unheard of a year ago) (THR) (Ad Age, reg required)

We agree that 2012 will be the year of social curation (as users try to sort the massive amounts of information they find and want to share online. What’s not yet clear is which social curation tool is going to win out in the end. Pinterest has everyone’s attention right now, but Gimme Bar, Scoop.it, Pearl Trees, Stumble Upon, and others are also in the game. Which do you think has the most potential? Tell us in the comments…) (Business Insider)

Chris Columbus, best known for directing two ‘Harry Potter’ films, is trying his hand at kid lit (with a new middle-grade series called the “House of Secrets,” co-authored by YA novelist Ned Vizzini. The three books will follow the Pagett children as they unlock the mysteries of their family and an old house built by a fantasy writer obsessed with the occult. We’re curious to see what the clever Columbus delivers in book form! Speaking of, um, “creative” types and book news, Amazon will be publishing James Franco’s first novel, “Actors Anonymous,” a fictionalized account of the life of a young actor) (Entertainment Weekly) (NY Observer)

The latest pop culture-inspired nail polish line from OPI is finally here (and we plan to use it for some new nail art designs. The Nikki Minaj line is named for songs from her Pink Friday album, and we can tell you, we’re definitely “Metallic 4 Life!”) (She Finds)

The Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year (with the release of a new cookie. Savannah Smiles, named for the city in which the organization was founded, is a lemon cookie dusted in powdered sugar. Why oh why are we on a post-holiday diet??) (Gothamist)

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There’s no stopping Angry Birds’ quest for world domination! The game snagged 6.5 million (downloads on Christmas day alone, helping push app downloads for the final week of 2011 over the 1 billion mark, as we reported earlier this week) (Mashable)

Advances in technology and parenting styles are obviously (impacting Millennial boys as they grow up. They have their friend networks at their fingertips thanks to social media, but are still very close to their parents, who are highly protective, not wanting their sons to engage in the same risky behaviors they took part in during their childhoods) (Columbian)

We like to think we have pretty decent tech skills here at Ypulse, but we just signed up for Codeyear (because there’s always more we can learn. The free year-long course, delivered as weekly lessons to your email inbox, covers everything from the basics to building apps. We’re looking forward to our first lesson on January 9!) (Slate)

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