The White House Is Hip, Pinterest Is Growing, Millennials Are Watching Less TV

Obama's Spotify PlaylistShowing that he’s hip to new music trends, President Obama (released an official 2012 campaign playlist on Spotify. There’s a little something for everyone here, including some REO Speedwagon, some Arcade Fire, some Ricky Martin, and, of course, some Al Green. In other White House news, we love that Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon were willing to make fools of themsleves to raise awareness for the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign. In both cases, the Obamas are making all the right moves to win Millennials’ attention — and possibly their votes) (Mashable) (MTV)(CBS)

Pinterest is the real deal, becoming the fastest website ever (to reach 10 million monthly users. What’s more, its users spend huge amounts of time on the site, with only Facebook and Tumblr surpassing it) (PR Daily)

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we’ll tell you again that Millennials (are watching less traditional TV and more streaming video, according to new findings from Nielsen. These results confirm Ypulse research, which discovered that students stream video to watch shows they missed because of their busy schedules, to rewatch favorite episodes, and because they were bored) (NY Times, reg required)

Lemony Snicket, aka Daniel Handler, is authoring a new ‘autobiographical’ four-book series (called All The Wrong Questions. The first book, “Who Could That Be At This Hour?,” follows a young Snicket growing up in “in a fading town, far from anyone he knew or trusted.”) (Publishers Weekly)

Sometimes there’s no line between toys and tech, like with this new lazer tag game (from Hasbro that lets the user insert their iPhone or iPod Touch into a slot to zap either their friends or augmented reality opponents. School principals might want to make some drawer space for these devices…) (Engadget)

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Social TV is a growing trend, and TBS (is the latest network to jump on board. The net is testing the waters with an app to accompany Conan — Team Coco is largely Millennial. When viewers check in with a show using Shazam-like technology, the app feeds them secondary content, such as fun facts about guests, and eventually will include a retail component, providing links to buy ticket for movies that Conan’s guests are promoting, for example. To learn more about social TV, check out our roundup of the key players) (AdWeek)

We’re still laughing at this video that asks if a hipster can also be a bro (and vice versa. We’re also curious to see the Sundance selected film “I Am Not A Hipster” which also takes a look at this fascinating stereotype! Speaking of Sundance films, be sure to attend the Millennial Mega Mashup this May to hear from Drake Doremus, whose film “Like Crazy” won Best Dramatic Film at Sundance last year) (BuzzFeed) (Vimeo)

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