The Next Generation Of Spenders, Fallon And Obama ‘Slow Jam’ The News, One Direction In Doll Form

Young shoppersMillennials have a major fear of commitment (not only when it comes to putting off marriage but also when it comes to shopping and spending habits. They avoid situations in which they get tied down with a contract, having a negative impact on businesses that used to be driven by young consumers, including TV subscriptions and gym memberships. But not all Millennials are holding back on spending — some are doing their part to boost the luxury industry, both in the U.S. and abroad. The luxury marketing is turning its focus to younger shoppers of late, customizing shopping experiences to meet their expectations) (US News & World Report) (Luxury Institute)

We’d heard that President Obama would be on Jimmy Fallon, but we didn’t know (we’d be treated to him and Jimmy doing a “slow jam the news” bit to announce that Obama is working to keep the interest rates on Stafford student loans from going up. Once again, Obama nails his messaging to college students) (PR Daily)

Hasbro lands the license for a line of toys based on One Direction (the British boy band that’s topping charts in the U.S. and abroad. The fashion dolls and mini figures will hit shelves this fall. In other news, we love this reimagining of the performances at the Billboard Music Awards, during which The Wanted, Justin Bieber, LMFAO, and more will take the stage) (Kidscreen) (PopDust)

Here’s a list of the 13 most useless college majors (based on students’ prospects for finding jobs outside of college. Sadly the list includes classic majors, like philosophy and fine arts, as well as majors that became overly popular, like graphic design and political science and government) (Daily Beast)

Gen Y is a long way from retirement but it’s already questionable (if they’ll be able to afford it. While some are starting to think about saving, few are able to — with high debt and without steady jobs they have nothing to contribute to their 401(k)s) (USAToday)

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Most of us had to look away — and some wouldn’t even watch — this new PSA about texting and driving (that is meant to blend humor and gore. The organization Impact Teen Drivers notes that the typical blood-and-guts PSA doesn’t always get the message across, so they blended it with campy humor to up the pass-along factor) (BuzzFeed)

Patrick Ness’s “Chaos Walking” is the newest YA franchise to get the big screen treatment (from Lionsgate. Another dystopian future novel — this one with humans colonizing a distant planet — it will be directed by Charlie Kaufman, who has been known to bring his own flourishes to his previous page-to-screen projects rather than sticking closely to the book) (Deadline)

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