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The Friday#: Maps Meltdown

This Week’s Issue:

The Sizzle: Skint Pirates. The Fri-Up: Maps Meltdown. The Sauce: Parking.

Your weekly round-up of the hottest stories worldwide, served with a slice of topical social media analysis and a dollop of Friday fun

The Sizzle:

The Fri-Up: Maps Meltdown.

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system landed at 6pm UK time on Wednesday delivering with it Apple’s own version of maps. Although users in large US cities only noticed a few annoying differences (including the Statue of Liberty disappearing and the Washington Monument going missing), the UK and Europe went into map meltdown. As in any crisis, the world turned to Twitter to bemoan that they were lost, ironically sending Google Maps trending on Twitter.

This only added to Apple’s heavy week which had already featured more mocking of Apple fans from Samsung and more claims of design copy by Apple, this time by a Swiss railway. Thankfully for Apple, the attention seems to be switching to Blackberry today with problems plaguing their network in Europe the Middle East and Africa.

As we know, a technological crisis can often bring out the best in people and with it, a community spirit. The ever efficient London Underground moved swiftly to aid any customers who might be in trouble due to the new maps feature.

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Fig 1. London Underground Noticeboard courtesy of @binny_uk

…. and here are a few of our favourite tweets from the fallout.Fig 2. Selected tweets mentioning iOS 6 Maps

  • @Queen_UK The DoE’s popped out to shoot a few photographers. Thankfully he’s using iOS 6 Maps so he’ll never find them.
  • @Hoffm: iPhone 5 lines shorter than expected as early adopters try to use iOS 6 Maps to locate Apple Stores.
  • @maheshmurthy: Unconfirmed rumours that the US Army plans to arm the Taliban with iOS6 maps on the iPhone 5… #mapocalypse
  • @janole: Brrr. So cold in Berlin today. Thanks to the amazing iOS 6 maps, I know why:

The Sauce:

Something for the weekend:

Hope you enjoyed the Friday#, have a great weekend.

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