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The Friday#: Harry the Hat (But No Trousers).

The Sizzle: Twitter vs Tumblr. The Fri-Up: Harry. The Sauce: WiFi Donkeys.

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The Sizzle:

The Fri-Up: Harry the Hat (but no trousers)

Whether it’s been a bad or good week for Prince Harry is yet to be decided. The palace has stuck by him and he’s been praised by people across the country from public school rugby teams to bricklayers from Bradford as ‘being just like us’.

The Sun has rebelled and printed ‘Prince Harry the pictures you’ve already seen on the internet’ in order that the many millions of people who get their news in print, or have no web access can finally take part in a national converstation from which they had apparently previously been excluded before actually seeing Harry naked.

With all the good work behind him for the Olympics and the Jubilee, it’s easy to guess at which of the three events gained him the biggest online notoriety:

Fig 1. History graph for Prince Harry.

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History graph for Prince Harry.

The spike at the beginnig of June shows mentions of the prince on Jubilee weekend, notably at the Jubilee concert partying but apparently looking hungover with sister in law Kate Middleton. The next larger than average spike sees Harry at the Olympic closing ceremony. One week on he hits Vegas.

Fig 2.Wordcloud for Prince Harry

Wordcloud for Prince Harry

The wordcloud above shows how the story of Seamus and his terrifying journey continues to creep into issues surrounding Mitt Romney’s policital career nearly 30 years after the unfortunate event.

The Sauce:

Something for the weekend:

Hope you enjoyed the Friday#, have a great weekend.

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