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The Sizzle: NASA. The Fri-Up: Guy Adams vs NBC. The Sauce: Intimidating cool.

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The Fri-Up: Guy Adams vs NBC

Now one week in, there is no getting away from an Olympic theme for the Friday# but rather than boast about England’s medal haul or Boris Johnson’s endless talent extending to aerial acrobatics, we thought we’d look at the social media side of things.

On 30th July, NBC complained to Twitter that Independent journalist, Guy Adams should have his account shut down for quoting one of their employees personal email addresses. Twitter obliged and shut the account down after the tweet was highlighted, which infact was their corporate address. On further reflection, it transpired that Adams had been criticising their coverage of the Olympics and as Adams argued, what he had published had not been a ‘personal’ email address, but in fact a corporate account ‘available to anyone with access to Google’.

Predictably, the episode sparked thousands of angry comments on Twitter, including comments supportive of Mr Adams from BBC journalist Jeremy Vine, and Piers Morgan, the former editor of the Daily Mirror who now works for CNN. The novelist Irvine Welsh posted the the following comment online: “The Guy Adams twitter ban illustrates three tendencies of hegemonic power; 1) hates criticism, 2) takes itself seriously 3) no sense of fun.”

Fig 1. Top Sites for Guy Adams vs NBC


If we look at the top news sites where the story was mentioned, NBC, an Olympic sponsor is notably absent in responding to why they had suspended the account of Guy Adams. Fig 2.Wordcloud for Guy Adams vs NBC

The word cloud above tells the story and here’s Guy Adams’ response

The Sauce:

Something for the weekend:

Hope you enjoyed the Friday#, have a great weekend.

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