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The Sizzle: Spotify. The Fri-Up: Eton Alive. The Sauce: Doggy Bag.

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The Sizzle:

The Fri-Up: Eton Alive.

While the political race heats up across the pond, this week, we have also been experiencing an unexpected political challenge of our own. As the Conservative Party Conference rolled into Birmingham, behind the back patting and Cameron’s announcement that his political goal was to make the rest oft the country as priveledged as him, there was an unmistakeable air of Eton rivalry.

Buxom buffoon Boris Johnson arrived into town, stealing David Cameron’s thunder on his birthday. The reception to the London Mayor was unprecedented for a party conference with crowds chanting ‘Boris, Boris!’.

Not known for his subtlety, Boris’ first fringe meeting featured the presentation “Boris 2012: Re-elected and Olympotastic” preceded by a promotional film entitled “Mission Imborrisible” featuring the East London Olympic zip-wire incident.

Of course, Boris challenged anyone to “doubt my admiration for David Cameron” and Dave equally batted off remarks that he was jealous of Boris’ popularity. But we like a fight on the Friday# so we thought we’d pitch the two Eton adversaries in a battle for social media supremecy.

Firstly, lets look at the history graph. Despite the vocal chants at the party conference, below David Cameron convincingly wins the battle for online noise. Could it be that Johnson’s prime ministerial dreams are indeed ‘Imborrisible’?

Fig 1. Boris vs Dave history graph

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Now let’s look at the hardcore policies of each, by virtue of a handy Brandwatch wordcloud.

Fig 2. David Cameron wordcloud

David Cameron – the big issues:

  • Nick Clegg
  • Red Tape
  • EU Budget

Fig 3. Boris Johnson wordcloud

Boris Johnson – the big issues:

  • Gagnam Style
  • Prime Minister
  • Rock Star

Heading into the weekend… we know who’s party we’d rather be at.

The Sauce:

Something for the weekend:

Hope you enjoyed the Friday#, have a great weekend.

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