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The Friday#: Bond Brands

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The Sizzle: Cheeky Apple. The Fri-Up: Beer Bond. The Sauce: Cranes.

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The Sizzle:

The Fri-Up: The Bond Brands.

As Skyfall heads towards its first weekend at the box office, brands associated with the film also eagerly await its impact. Fans have questioned the new Bond film’s heavy association with advertisers, particuarly as product placement for the franchise hits a new high.

A particular link up that has riled fans this year is a change in Bond’s drink allegiance. In an early scene in the film, Daniel Craig reaches for an ice-cold Heineken rather than his usual shaken vodka martini. When you hear that the Dutch drinks giant paid £28m for the privilege, his switch suddenly makes sense. Both Daniel Craig and Sam Mendez have spoken out in support of the Bond brands and the fact that advertising has afforded them to make such a spectacular film. Bond films have never been renowned for economy in their production.

From M’s Sony Vaio hardware to James’ Tom Ford suits, the brands are plenty. Some are relying on their placement in the film to sell their products, while others have launched huge advertising campaigns to show their association in advance of the film’s release. We’ve lined up a few of the biggest to see how the last two months has impacted on their social media mentions.

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Fig 1. Mentions of The Bond Brands across social media for Sept/Oct 2012.


The graph shows that although Heineken came top in terms of advertising money, the decision to usevintage James Bond car, the Aston Martin DB5, out of mothballs and then auction it for charity has the edge. Omega also rates highly in the mentions, but much of this chat is surrounding a comparison of the drink switch from vodka martini to beer, with Bond’s hammy Omega plug in Quantum of Solace, when asked if he is wearing a Rolex. Fig 2. A few of our favourite Heineken/Bond tweets:

  • @theGarfie Someone said there’s a Skyfall cocktail, I from what I’ve heard it’s a Sony brand phone floating in a glass of Heineken… On a Virgin train
  • @RantDad Since James Bond has switched from Vodka Martinis toHeineken lager, maybe he could trade in his Aston Martin for a Transit van?
  • @zuckerbeckers Heard that #JamesBond wears a Rolex drinks Heineken drives an Aston Martin shops in Iceland and goes to Mecca Bingo in #Skyfall#advertising
  • @ConorLynn Why has James Bond’s drink changed from Martini to Heineken? He is a slick spy, not a balding 45 year old who lives in Wetherspoon’s.
  • @mark_geary Heineken have paid 50m dollars to have james bond drink a bottle in the new movie. but it will still kill me if i drink it! #teamcoeliac

The Sauce:

Something for the weekend:


Hope you enjoyed the Friday#, have a great weekend.

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