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The Friday#: BlackBerry’s Jam image the friday blackberry e2 80 99s jam Welcome to the Friday#
This week in The Sizzle: Google profits soar. The Fri-Up: BlackBerry’s Jam. The Sauce: Always wear a helmet.

The Sizzle

The Fri-Up

Blackberry’s Jam

The last few months hasn’t been great for BlackBerry. In August, they were accused of facilitating some of the worst rioting the UK has seen and this week they faced, their biggest worldwide service outage in the firm’s history.

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So first, lets see how this week played out in social media and what this means for the sentiment surrounding the BlackBerry brand.

History graph of mentions of BlackBerry 6-13 October 2011

The Friday#: BlackBerry’s Jam image twitter blackberry

Click graph to see full size

The graph focuses solely on Twitter, where sentiment is usually most easily determined. From the graph, we clearly see the problems emerge. Peaking first in with the UK outage on the 10th followed by 12th in the US.

The sentiment surrounding the outage is actually not all bad, with many on Twitter referencing three days silence for Steve Jobs and many iPhone users boasting of their own continued silence. The sentiment shift surrounding the riots was far more noticeable for the BlackBerry brand.

Let’s have a look at the top tweeters affected by the outage:

Brandwatch’s top tweeters surrounding the BlackBerry outage:

  1. @KimKardashian
  2. @cnnbrk
  3. @UberSoc
  4. @PerezHilton
  5. @KourtneyKardash
  6. @stephenfry

So… the biggest casualties of BlackBerry’s loss of service: two Kardashians, Perez Hilton and Stephen Fry. Not all bad at all then – same again next week please BlackBerry!

The Sauce

Something for the weekend:

Hope you enjoyed the Friday#, have a great weekend.
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