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SXSWi Wrap Up, Millennials Want To Be Like MacGuyver, Kids Are The Center Of The Family

Interactive AwardsSXSW Interactive might be better known for launching killer apps than pro-social programs (but all that changed this year. There was a particular focus on making the world a better place, a concept that resonates strongly with Millennials, who want to do their part. Here’s a roundup of the thought-provoking projects. And here’s a look at the initiatives that were honored at the Interactive Awards) (Trendcentral) (Mashable)

What role model best exemplifies the Millennial entrepreneurial mindset? (That would be MacGuyver, because he does more with less while trying to save the world, which is exactly what today’s youth are trying to do as the economy recovers from recession. Here’s one theory about how Millennials were conditioned to be skillful entrepreneurs) (Harvard Business Review) (AG Beat)

Family dynamics have changed dramatically in the past few decades (with children going from being not seen or heard to being the center of attention. Parents have gone from teachers — guiding children to handle tasks on their own — to problem solvers — jumping in to do things for their kids. Considering those changes it’s no wonder children are also being given more say in family purchase decisions and hearing “because I said so” less often) (WSJ, reg required) (Seattle Times)

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MTV took a look at Millennials’ attitudes toward work, and far from being entitled (they want to be actively engaged and helpful to their older coworkers, helping their superiors understand technology. They’re motivated when they know what they’re working toward) (MediaPost)

In the battle for social network supremacy, there will never be a winner (because different networks fill different niches. What’s more, rather than dividing a limited amount of time among social nets, they’re spending more time with social media as it grows in significance in their lives) (Mashable)

Children’s Museums are expanding their mission of building (the next generation of museum-goers to also build awareness and support social issues like childhood obesity, homelessness, and foster family dynamics) (NY Times, reg required)

We’re loving Puma’s latest salute to the After Hours Athlete (which reminds us that channel surfing through reality TV shows is not a real sport…but that darts, shuffleboard, and bocce ball are close proximities. The ad is perfectly timed for spring and summer with the message that it’s “Better Out Than In”) (AdWeek)

The polls are officially open…for the Children’s Choice Book Awards (and voting is open through May 3. Winners will be announced May 7 during Children’s Book Week 2012) (Shelf-Awareness)

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