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SXSW Interactive Award Finalist: Most Awesomest Thing Ever

Have you ever found yourself continuing to do something just because you can? Do you sit for hours on Facebook playing those “social games” that ask you to choose which one of your friends is smarter or more attractive? Then you’ll probably enjoy the Most Awesomest Thing Ever, which is nominated for a South by Southwest Interactive Award in the entertainment category.

The premise is really quite simple: you’re given two options, Thing One Vs. Thing Two, and you choose which one is more awesome. Some of these are no brainers: a tropical island is always going to be more awesome than pistachio nuts in my book. Others aren’t quite so simple, though. My English major/teacher heart had a really tough time deciding whether I thought Shakespeare was cooler than Post-It Notes (so tough, but yes) and whether Edgar Allen Poe trumped Google (no). If you’re given a choice and you’re unfamiliar with one of the contenders, no worries. Below each image, there’s a button that says “What Is This?” and if you click it, it will take you to the appropriate Wikipedia article.

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You tell yourself that you’re going to play this game (and I’m reluctant, really, to even call it that) for just a few minutes, but then you can’t stop. There’s something about the indefinite nature of it that keeps you clicking. It literally never ends. If you’re a procrastinator, it might be dangerous for you to even start.

So what’s the point? Well…to determine the most awesomest thing ever (and, by default, the most inadequate). Lists are given for the day, the week, and all time. You can view them below your choices, and they’re changing constantly depending on how people vote. I’d like to point out that, given the results on the Most Inadequatest of All Time list, it appears that this page is most often visited by adults (or at least not teenage girls) as the Jonas Brothers are currently listed as the Most Inadequatest of All Time with Justin Bieber only two spots behind. On the other hand, the Internet, life, and time travel top the Most Awesomest of All Time list (for now).

It’s a simple interactive game, but its goal is clear. It would be far less appealing without the graphics (the option that you don’t choose as most awesomest bursts into flames upon losing, and the backdrop is one of chaos). The sound bits are entertaining and contribute to the theme of destruction, but they can get a little old after you’ve been clicking for more than five minutes. That’s certainly no reason to not play, though. There’s an option to turn the sound off.

It’s Friday. Go ahead, give it a try. Happy clicking!

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