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Pumpkin Carves Out A Digital Niche

As crisp leaves fall, autumn trends are running rampant: pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin ale, pumpkin pie Pringles and pumpkin burgers. Wait, what?

Pumpkin has officially taken over all aspects of our taste buds. Neither beef nor beer can escape the little orange burst of flavor, and there’s no exception when it comes to the digital world. If you can’t carve it or eat it, you may as well click on it and narrowly miss drool dripping on your keyboard, right?

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To celebrate this fall-centric trend online, we’ve decided to take a look at the ways pumpkin has infiltrated the world of social media.

First and foremost, you can share your carved Halloween creations with everyone you’ve ever friended, followed or connected with. Any picture sharing site – such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – allows you to show off your pumpkin masterpiece vaguely resembling aHarry Potter character. Using tags like #halloween on Instagram and Twitter allow you to take a look at everything holiday-related thus far. The sites also provide the opportunity for users to submit images and ideas to increase engagement through brand contests.

Pinterest is perhaps the mecca of all things pumpkin. Whether it’s incorporating the gourd into fall décor or cooking with it, the social site is the quintessential resource for any and all themed events. Marketers can take advantage of Pinterest by inserting holiday messages or images into the overall strategy, as illustrated here in “10 Best Pinterest Practices.” This is especially beneficial for those in the consumer packaged goods, home design and restaurant industries (Demand for the ingredient in restaurants has increased by 38%).

YouTube can be utilized by anyone – all that’s required is a little creativity. The platform provides a large range of topic diversity. For example, a luggage company could make a video experimenting with how many pumpkins can fit into their largest suitcase. Another popular topic on the video site this year is make-up tutorials. Some of the best for Halloween can be viewed here. Of course, not to be forgotten, there’s also a “how-to” video on making a pumpkin keg. The name of the game is entertainment – and education – and engaged users will increase brand visibility.

As Halloween passes and Thanksgiving looms, pumpkin will continue to rise through the trending ranks of social buzzwords. It’s even been said that pumpkin is the new bacon. Don’t shoot the messenger!

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