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Man Divorces His Wife For Being Ugly – Sues Her and Wins

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I’m Going to Give You a Couple Scenarios:

Scenario #1: I Want That Watch!

Let’s say you go into a high-end jewelry store and you decide that you want something that is going to blow people away. You want something that you can show off to all of your friends and family — something that is going to make their eyeballs shoot out of their head when they see it like a Bugs Bunny cartoon or something.

You walk up to the glass case and you spot this awesome Rolex watch. You know that this is a watch that is going to blow people out of the water and it’s basically a status symbol. You buy that watch for the ungodly ass amount that they cost and you go off to show it to everyone you know. Now, you take your watch to get serviced only to find out that once the watch has been taken apart by the jeweler that the insides of the watch are nothing more than guts from a Timex. How pissed off would you be?

Scenario #2: Love is in the Air

Let’s say you find this girl and you fall head over heels in love with her. She’s absolutely gorgeous and that’s one of the main things that attracted you to her. Hell, the first thing you noticed about her was her beauty and you were absolutely stricken by her sheer beauty. You’re a guy, so more than likely you’re going to parade this girl around in front of your friends and whenever you go out with her, you’re going to have your arm around her. That way, everyone knows that you are the one with that stunning woman.

Everything is going great and you decide that you’re going to marry this girl. She’s amazing, she’s beautiful and she’s the one you want to be with for the rest of your life. You decide that not only do you want to marry this woman, but you want to solidify your relationship by having beautiful children with her.

This is where things start to take a drastic turn…

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You get her pregnant, you’re there with her the whole time. 9 months later, she’s in labor and soon you’re going to be the Father of a baby girl. Your daughter is born, you’re happy, but there’s something wrong… very wrong. The baby girl looks nothing like you or your wife and you’re pissed.

That’s how this man feels.

Man Divorces Wife For Being Ugly – Sues Her and Wins.

Scenario #2 is actually pretty much the whole story here. I just wanted to try and put in this guys shoes and see how you would react. So, please let me know how you would react to either of the scenarios, particularly #2, in the comments section below. This story is truly crazy, in my opinion.

A man from northern China has actually divorced his wife and then sued her for being ugly. Believe it or not, this guy won the lawsuit and was awarded $120,000. I bet a lot of people right now are really questioning whether or not true love really exists.

Jian Feng came across his wife and basically fell head-over-heels in love with her, as you described in scenario #2 above. He was in love with her and of course, they eventually got married and had a child together. However, when they baby arrived, Jian Feng wasn’t happy, like any normal father may be.

Jian Feng thought that the baby was horrendously ugly and even said that the child scared him. Apparently, the child didn’t look like him or his wife, so he knew something was up. Immediately, he got pissed off and wanted to know who the real father of the baby was.

Jian Feng was about to be in for a real shocker, because he was the father of the baby. It turned out that his wife actually did not cheat on him at all. Instead, she never told him that she had some intense plastic surgery before they got together that drastically altered her look. How much plastic surgery did she have? Well, let’s just say she spent over $100,000 bucks on transforming herself. Jian Feng wasn’t happy with the news and decided that it was time for a divorce and his defense was that she got him to marry her under false pretenses. Apparently, the false pretense was that she was a hottie. Believe it or not, Jian Feng actually won the case and the judge awarded him $120,000.

Who is the Real Victim Here?

Even though this man sued his wife and won, you have to think of that poor baby. I mean, her father just said that she was an ugly baby and divorced the mother. So, the baby is at least going to come from a broken home and who knows if the father is going to have anything to do with her. Also, he’s basically going apeshit, because his wife looked differently before he met her. Of course she should have told him about the plastic surgery and not have kept it from him, because $100,000 worth of plastic surgery is a life-changing event, but damn whatever happened to true love? Was he just with her for her good looks? Apparently so.

Can you feel that? It’s probably your levels of faith in humanity dropping. Also, this is the picture of the baby:

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Comments: 119

  • I think that is horibble, horrible and horrible! If he really LOVED her, he would not care about how she looked! He was obviously just taken in by her beauty, and when he found out that she had plastic surgery, he fell out of love with her! What a conditional old bat!

    • Not to get all cultural but maybe this was an arranged marriage? Do they still do those in China? If so, feelings of love were probably never a part of equation.

    • True love is about being able to accept your partner for all the good and the bad about them. If love was all about looks then all the pretty chicks and the hunky guys would be together and the rest of the population would die off.

    • There is nothing called a TRUE LOVE. We fall in love with appearance, behavior, satatus or situation. This guy would have told her a 100 times she looks like an angel, and she never told him why does she look so. If a man pretends he’s a millionaire businesses man and marries a girl and later the finds its out that he’s actually a pizza guy, would you support the girl or the mana? But if he was really a millionaire business man and lost his everything and became a pizza guy, then you can say about TRUE LOVE. If a tiger attacked my girl and her face became extremely ugly, still I’ll continue because of the “true love”, but not when she wore a mask ( of plastic surgery) and pranking me all these days. But I feel sorry for the baby

    • But in his defense, love also involves being honest with each other. She wasn’t honest about having plastic surgery (or at least she withheld information)

    • I think that the FACT that she lied to him supersedes the whole point. You ladies take men to court for lying, so I guess the shoe is on the other foot now.
      She lied to him, now she gets what all the men get when they lie to their wives. It is called “EQUALITY”.
      Sucks for the kid though. Now the baby will know mommy lied to her daddy and that she is a mistake. Tough life ahead of her.

    • First of all, that baby is not ugly. It’s a normal looking baby and actually quite cute! The mother doesn’t look all that hot befor surgery but oh well, it’s the person that counts. But frankly she is a bit of a liar to herself to alter her looks so much. but it’s the pressures of society that turn a woman like her into a liar for the sake of appearance so it’s not her fault. But the father is the ungliest of all because of his actions. How can he abandon his child? And shame on him for only liking someone on the surface and not for who they are. Whoever the guy is, whoever you are please listen—you are UGLY UGLY UGLY because you’re shallow and selfish.

    • Bernadette it was the woman who spent 100 grand to fix herself up, so obviously she was the one who is “UGLY UGLY UGLY because you’re shallow and selfish”. 100 grand could feed a poor chinese village of thousands for years! She is as shallow and selfish as he is –more so because she willingly paid hard cash on her ass. As for him he sued and got paid yes but he must not have been so “ugly” if she wanted him. Im sure she is just the paragon of virture huh. Bernadette deal with it you cow.

    • I hate when people make up dumb facts about how much money can feed a poor village… It’s her money and she can spend it however she would like. She spent it on plastic surgery because she probably was having a hard time finding a guy that liked her for who she was, because of her looks. Who’s to blame her for wishing to become more beautiful to be with a handsome man, or even an average man. Yeah, it may be shallow and selfish, but it is better than being alone.

    • Obviously the woman believed that women should be paraded around for their looks, because she spent more than many Chinese people will ever see in their lifetime just to transform her appearance.

      The money she spent on plastic surgery forces no one to be able to use the “don’t use women for their looks” argument in this case.

      On the other hand, if you’re trying to say that men have to marry ugly women because looks don’t matter, well you are just wrong. You are wrong and severely misguided. How about I pair you up with someone 70 years older and 700 pounds heavier and missing half their face to a birth defect? How about then you try to tell me looks don’t matter? No, because you only say your self-righteous bull-sh** when it doesn’t apply to you. You are a hypocrite.

  • Additionally, he should have known that she had surgery, no Asian woman actually looks like this unless she’s actually Eurasian (European/Asian mix). If she doesn’t have white in her bloodline, she won’t look like this. It’s a huge fashion trend in Asian countries to try to look more “exotic” and “Eurasian”, billions of dollars are spent on surgeries to narrow, extent, and shave the nose into a point. Eyelid surgeries to create that round eye look, jaw shaving to get rid of prominent cheekbones, and to create a more oval jaw shape which is found in Europeans. Eyelash extension/implants and eyebrow implants Redish brown hair is the most popular colour to dye to in Asia because whenever you do have a REAL Eurasian person the easiest way to tell is that they have very red undertones to their hair and eyes, their hair is finer, lighter, eyes are lighter to. The second he bumped into her and saw all of those VERY distinctive features he should have asked if she had white in her, if not, he should have known it was plastic all the way.

    • actually it is possible that asian women can look like this naturally, in fact i know plenty that do, so plz don’t spout bullshit.

    • Indian women (whom are also considered Asian because India is part of ASIA) look like that naturally. They sharp noses and big eyes, long eye lashes etc. So please don’t make statements that Asian women don’t look like that and need plastic surgery to do so.

    • You are so wrong on this!!! “No Asian woman actually looks like this”??? I look like this.. I am pure Chinese. No surgery! and I know some of my friends have big noise and big eyes as well…Not sure if you have ever been to China..

      How about 30%-40% of Korean women had plastic surgery.. the culture is from Korea..

    • Wow you people are so dumb everyone now has some kind of mixtur in them. That’s why people from the same country can look so different. It’s just plain stupidity do you know how many europeans, arabs, Indians, and whatever other country borders at one time or another came in and had some kind of relatiowithyou have an ancestor that wasn’t chinese

  • All babies are ugly. This one looks like any other baby. The father is a very bad person. I feel bad for the mother, who deserved much better.

    • Elizabetta, your comment(the “all babies are ugly. This one looks like any other baby.”) made me smile and laugh a little after all of these other harsh ones I saw.

  • That’s ridiculous. What if she was overweight and had gone on a diet yet the baby was a tad overweight? It’s absurd that he wasn’t laughed out of court.

    • I don’t know about china, but india, the law says you have to reveal all the major illnesses and surgeries you underwent before the marriage when you are going to marry someone. If you didn’t its punishable and its a ground for divorce.

      Also, most courts in modern democacies don’t follow the jury system thats followed in old democracies ( I know china is not a democracy, but just saying in general)

      Here the court decides based on algorithms and not emotions. And they won’t think about, romance, baby things. She violated the law and she’s punished.

      U got to be really stupid to compare it with weigth loss program.

    • @Satheesh- I just got married, in India, in February and that wasn’t part of it.

      I do know there are different marriage acts, so maybe it is part of some of them. But never came up with us…

      That being said I’m not concealing anything from my husband nor, I hope, is he from me, but I’m just saying as a newlywed in India I’ve never heard of such a thing.

  • Its her right to a plastic surgery. I feel like that she paid to change her looks that what made her feel beautiful. The baby she is a beautiful baby and he should be sued for stepping out on his responsibility. Know one should allowed anyone to sued her and win. Its his responsiblity as a father to stick by his child. Models and millionaire everyone that can afford to pay for plastic surgery paids. Michael Jackson change his look and many other models change to look beautiful for them self. She don’t owe him anything he should have known his partner before he married her and he must haven;t heard the story of the ugly duckly. heard of the ugly duck that became a beautiful swam. How do this man look know one mention him or his looks. He must be a mess to want to sue for money.

    • But she lied to him! You women take men to court for lying but you won’t let us do it? You sound like another hypocrite! All rights for women but none for the men! You are the reason why men don’t want to get married.

  • So, there are a couple different angles that we can look at this…

    #1 – She lied to him. If I found out that my wife had plastic surgery before she was married to me I would be really hurt. I would feel deceived and betrayed. Why wouldn’t she have told me? It would have felt like she just tried to get me caught up in her web and lied to me about her life. It’s like saying that you have a degree or something like that and then finding out later that the person you married has been lying to you this whole time.

    #2 – Baby? Ugly??? This guy is a jerk… I don’t care how a baby looks. The baby is from you and it is beautiful. That’s how all parents should think…..period.

    I do feel that the guy does have the right to divorce her for this and MIGHT even seek damages because he has been deceived. That being said…..if he even tries to not be a father to this baby then he is not a real man. He is a boy that tries to leave his fatherly duties because he is a wimp…

    • yes i agree..they were both wrong..but nevertheless, the man should not include the poor baby on his misery..he can freely divorce the wife if he wants to,.but the baby? sheesh..he should still be a good father to the baby.. idiot man..

    • THANK YOU.

      I don’t get it why is everybody defending that woman! If I found out my husband has been lying or deceving me, I would have divorce too. And this is not a question of physical look, but a question of honesty here. I can’t stand lies – yet I don’t love other for their beauty, but for their Naturality. Personality is much more important then beauty, yes, and in this case we can see this woman gives more importance to her beauty than to her personality. She perfectly knew that she would attract men for her beauty when she did her surgery, so she shouldn’t be so surprised. She deserved it.

  • Genetics BURN! The husband is a mega douche but the feelings behind his actions are understandable I suppose. We are all predispositioned to attempt to improve the human species with the offspring we produce. And being feeling lied to is not fun. Not sure I would go so far as to sue the poor woman though..

  • Why dont they just get plastic surgery for the baby. If it doesn’t work drown her in a stream like the rest of them slopes do. Problem solved :)

  • Essentially this is case about misrepresentation inducing the other party into a contract that they say they would not have entered into had they known the full facts. Enforces the position that marriage is a contract, and a business transaction almost, which is a novel but disturbing approach.

  • I think this just shows some people are only really interested in looks. This guy was simply interested in her appearance rather than her personality. It’s a sad reflection on human nature that this woman felt compelled to spend so much to alter her image to this extent. As for the man winning the case…

    • “This guy was simply interested in her appearance”
      This woman too, was simply interested in looking good, so she souldn’t be surprised to attract men with her beauty – she perfectly knew that after her surgery, men would be attract for her beauty.

      However, I think this is not a question of good or bad looking her – but a question of honesty. At the place of that man, I would have also divorced, and it’s not because I think look is more important than personality, on the contrary. Personality is much more important than look, and love makes the loved one beautiful. I would have divorced because this is a case of dishonesty, and I can’t stand lies.

    • And I guess she decided to marry the local trash man instead of some rich guy with a penthouse in the city, right? I mean, no women are EVER shallow enough to deny true love and marry a white collared worker. I mean, she had to alter her looks in order to marry a BIG fish. So I guess that doesn’t make her shallow at all. Then he finds out the truth when the kid doesn’t look like ANYONE. Women take men to court over lying so why can’t men take women to court too?
      But I guess it doesn’t matter when an ugly baby is involved, right?

  • The girl did not like the way she was, so how could u expect someelse to like her? If u so much dont love yourself, u can be sure that no one will love you. So there’s no mistake on the father/husband. If she did not hide this the baby would not at all be born , nor she would be getting married. So it’s purely her fault. As far as true love is considered, she was not being true in the first place , so you can never say it’s true love blah blah blah.

    • ur thoughts are in insane
      she should not be sued b’ce it’s her right to have the surgery and not even the husband can make her guity for it
      and after all tht man was an A**…. HOW COULD U CALL UR OWN KID UGLY … and just say that the kid is ugly b’ce of the mom not b’ce of him
      this man is very bad example and must be sued for making a person feel bad for their look and what the hell is wrong with china? how can somebody sue a person for being ugly? there’s no ugly person we all are born with different things but it dosnt mean that just b’ce a person look different she is ugly

      and that man never had true love for her but most probably lust for her body
      and even if’t not love he have no brain or heart b’ce he insulted an innocent women infront of the whole world

    • I definitely see where you’re getting at. Her plastic surgery and changing her look entirely would really have led the man to marry her under false pretenses. Still, it just seems wrong that the whole thing went down just because of a shallow thing such as beauty.

  • I wish this article shows the husband’s picture too. He has the right to sue her if he was deceived but to judge beauty “physically”?? too shallow! and the baby is! poor baby!

  • Next time Jien Feng will buy a woman, he will choose a seller with full waranty of refund for hidden defect. In a few year he could choose a certified brand : 100% natural certified breeding from selected genome. Or maybe, if he is rich enough , he could buy several women : one to show, one to make babies , one to….the ancient times where allright for rich men.
    Strange world the world where we live……

  • Well let’s put it this way. What if it was the guy who lied about how much money he had and marries a girl, and gets sued after the marriage for being broke. Did she just marry him for money? What happened to true love? Let’s face it; marriage is a contract to pass down genes. Looks, money, brain are all part of the deal.

  • The woman is definitely wrong. The main debate is around the man’s treatment of his child. I think this can be best explained by a basic thought like theory of evolution. A preference for best gene pool is hardwired into our brains and the man is acting on that. That is why girls will prefer taller partners, men will prefer curvaceous women. I think facial features also reflect good/poor genetic material.

  • All I can say is wow, I have heard everything. The real loser is the child.I understand that he may have felt cheated but why take it out on the kid. So women who find out that muscle bound guy is on steroids and gives birth to a boy that turns out to be a weakling and coward does she divorce him and turn the kid away because he will never be a jock.

  • I’m not surprised at the guy, he is obviously a sociopath.
    My question would be around the court.
    1. Is this a real judge or tribal as the northern region may be referring to Mongolia.
    2. If this is a ‘real’ court(where the judge is educated in a reputable college) then has the woman appealed the decisiom and where os her appeal now?

  • For goodness sake, what the heck is up with the world today? Are we really happy that we live in a world where this kind of “stupidity” prevails? What’s the point in love if all you were after in the first place was a beautiful or handsome face?
    What’s going to happen to you and your spouse years from when you got married? You’re going to age – grow old. The looks are going to change, but why is it that some still stay strong in their commitment to each other? That’s true love. It’s about being there for both the good and the bad, and not just for when good times roll in and you fly out like a bat outta hell when the going gets tough.
    I feel sorry for the baby, and feel even sorrier for the kind of man this guy is for divorcing his wife under such shallow reasons.

  • The man is correct. The contract was void. She misrepresented herself. Simple Fraud! Too bad the US does not have good laws and judges like China’s family court. But they have more experience 5000 years worth so this must have come up before.
    I’m glad that he won and got paid for his trouble. True love is a lie from the 19th century.

  • I am really shocked. Really, really shocked. How it could be possible? Nothing is more bigger than the mankind. It is really very much ridiculous for me that court has given the verdict like that.

  • I persoanally think plastic surgery is altering the way God has sent us in this world (unless it is to fix severe deformity i.e. (acid poured on one’s face) or for other serious health issues, i.e. life or death situation), if we are scared to live with ourselves, then we are denying ourselves in the end and not being appreciative with God gave us. SELFISH!
    You see, by hiding with plastic surgery, you can hide the exterior from man, but not God, God has punished this lady by uncovering the truth!
    Also, men, is it really worthwhile judging a lady all for their looks at the end of the day?

  • .. just on a last note, I saw a picture of the baby, I think it is very cute, it’s so selfish of the parents to not think of this poor child’s future now…

    This is a living example of a pure curse from our Creator!

  • What happened to romance? Sure enough when you look across a crowded room and see someone you like the look of. At that point or shortly afterwards, you venture over the speak to them. Yeah, looks might have kick started you in the first instance.

    Only after speaking to them will you ever know if you want to take it further. Once two people have made a connection and become a couple, looks are not important. What is important is the bonds you have between each, and when the time is right and your relationship has developed perhaps towards marriage or living together and children. Personally I prefer marriage than living together but that’s my personal choice.

    What really matters is two people have made a commitment to one-another to build a life together or decide to build life together and raise a family.

    This guy was never in love in the first place! And the law courts is nothing but a joke!

    • Women killed romance. It doesn’t exist anymore because women killed it with their unrealistic expectations of it. Romance is nothing but an expectation that will lead to nothing but unhappy men.

  • Okay so everyone is saying that he is a douche which is understandable. But let’s see it from another perspective. Let’s say that the woman has used a love potion to marry a man and had a child. For whatever reason one day the effect wears off. She falls out of love and leaves. Does he now sound like a douche? Perhaps yes, but a lot less right? But I think this case is awfully similar to that analogy.

  • The surgeon did a miracle job compare to those who performed for famous actresses in Holywood. I am sure many in China will try to find him. Good ads for him, actually.

    • …husband owns stock in plastic surgeon’s clinic? Conspiracy!! btw, I’d like to see pic of Mr. Wonderful

  • How is she expecting the husband to love her the way she was, if she was not able to love herself the way she was. Double standards anyone? I guess they both deserved each other ;-)

    • He misrepresented his part too–she thought she married a decent human being. BTW I guess the father doesn’t understand that the baby has his genetics therefore must have looked somewhat like him too. (He must have a strange self perception.) And anyone with a brain can see that the before surgery photo of the woman is harsh and unflattering and she’s not wearing any makeup. The only difference with the surgery (as per photo) is rounder eyes, a bridge on the nose and heavy makeup. The courts are a joke–I can’t believe there wasn’t anyone to shame him for his idiotic stupidity. The baby in the photo looks better than a lot of babies out there. I almost wonder if any of the photos here are genuinely from this story because I don’t see anything wrong.

  • Baby aside, it’s beauty and the beast (in disguise). I don’t think the man can get a hard on for her ever again after he knew the truth. Have some sympathy here. Watching too much cartoons like Shrek is not good for you…cheers.

  • You know…Who cares if she got plastic surgery. Celebrities do it all the time and you still like/love them. What is the difference? So she could have mentioned it but didn’t. I am sure you people have done things and haven’t mentioned it. I am pretty sure if you have $100,000 you would fix something of yourself. Drastic or not. Her life she can do what she wants. Exactly how you live your life. He had no right to even fall in love with her looks. That’s what is wrong anymore. LOOKS are more important. If you’re not pretty you are judged harshly. Looks are nothing compared to actions. He is an idiot for leaving his child and saying she was ugly and suing his wife because she was ugly. I’d have a field day if I could just simply sue someone for being an asshole or just simply stupid.

  • what a funny story, a man left her wife because of her ugly child and her ugliness, I recommend that man to read Arabian Night which have a similar story like that man and I believe after that he might understand what is love and what was his fault.

    • I doubt that he’ll ever understands what real love is. He was obviously blinded by her beauty and just wanted to show her around like the watch in the first example.

      The most babies are ugly in the beginning and it takes some time until you can see the similarities between child and parents. And even if the parents are both good looking, the baby can turn out with a different look, hair color, skin colour and so on. It’s all in the genes and they contain not only the parents data’s but also the data of the previously generations.

      Poor girl, hope she grows up being more confident in her looks than her mom and not as superficial as her dad.

  • What is it with far-eastern people? I think long eyes are very beautiful, and the round eyes they get after surgery look like lazy eyes. I see very little difference in the before and after. She could have improved by merely applying makeup. Seriously, just with makeup and hairstyle she could have achieved awesome beauty. A self-confident attitude would also go a long way. She wasn’t terrible looking.

  • I’m an ugly guy who has a very difficult time meeting women. I’ve been considering plastic surgery to improve my looks and I’ve always thought about this situation of what would happen when I would inevitably meet someone, have a baby with them, and the baby comes out ugly (big nose, buck teeth, big lips, droopy face). How would the mother feel? The only thing holding me back is I would need so much money to fix me up and time for the transformations. Be thankful if you’re born’re blessed!

    • wow! @uglyguy, sucks that you feel that way about yourself. maybe try better health alternatives like a healthy diet, that may help give your skin a healthy glow by clearing skin imperfections as well as helping drop any unhealthy weight. when you notice subtle changes it will help your self esteem which will help project a confident attitude.

      as far as talking to women: you dont need to waste time with the selfish ones who dismiss you based on looks. just be kind and thoughtful and you will meet someone who appreciates you.

    • Please take note at these “women” who are telling you how to change your looks. I mean, they are so sensitive if a man divorces an ugly woman, but they have no problem giving you advice about how to act like that ugly woman and change your appearance.
      So much for the “I am beautiful, no matter what they say” crowd of hypocrites.

  • if thats the case, than most women who wear make up should be sued for dates . I have a few that Im thinking about suing now. How many times and you fell asleep beside a beauty and woke up to a Make up is a prime example of what you see is not what you get.

  • I don’t understand why the upper looks matter so much. I have friends beautiful by heart and damn confident in there shoes even after being good looking.

    I feel bad for the baby. Her daddy has a real ugly heart.

    Wrong at the women end to hide the details from her husband.

  • she should have said “you know our baby is ugly because of you, not me! im gorgeous.”

    that baby is not even ugly …….

  • The watch analogy is offensive. Real relationships are not about “buying and selling” or transacting. They’re about, derrrrr, relating.

    Clearly this wasn’t obvious to this couple.

    I’m not sure whose ass I would have kicked harder – the judge or the husband – but neither one of them would be coming back from Andromeda any time soon.

    Take a reality pill people – grow t f up.

  • This guy is a shallow, narcissistic and inconsiderate jerk. Who cares how the baby looks like? His wife wasn’t even that “ugly” as he made it seem. This just shows that people, particularly men, only care about outer beauty and marrying a “trophy” wife. I’m not saying the women don’t think this way as well, but it’s just sickening to believe that this is what is embedded into our culture: that beauty is valued above intellect and other facets.

  • First, I do want to say that i totally agree with most people here that ofcourse it is a horrible thing to do. and yes love is not about the looks. But, and i am not defending, isn’t it just a big possibility that this whole thing turned to a huge fight leading and opening much more bigger problems and trust issues? We all know that a lot of the times a fight can start from something as silly as what are you having for lunch today, and escalating to much more sensitive topics. All i am saying is media easily plays with the headline to make it seem how they want, to create an interesting story. but it can be just another sad fight between a couple that started off as something very silly. like how would anyone feel if for example your partner and love of your life had a sex change before you know him/her and you find out later. And this is just an example. but i can imagine that such things can lead to bigger problems such as trust.

  • The guy is the ugly git and he needs to get a grip.
    He should be grateful she fell for him.
    Let me tell you I went out with a girl who parted the room when she walked in stunning,
    He turned out to be stupid,unstable and shallow.
    It’s in my book.
    Beauty is beyond the skin.

  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What did the guy want the beauty of the baby for? The mother did not make her baby ugly. After all, all the babies in the world are beautiful.

  • There are several points in this story which strike particularly hard to the western reader, which I think need addressing.

    Firstly, unlike more developed and modern countries, this is in a very heavily male dominated society. Wives are chosen for their looks and not their conversation over sunday brunch. Their ability to give sons and the good looks of the family are the prime responsibilities of the female. I’m certain the fact the child was a girl was no small factor in the husband’s dismay.

    Another factor would be the immense weight of ‘face’ in Chinese society. The husband would have come under much ridicule from his family and peers, albeit probably in a typically Chinese passive aggressive manner. He would have lost a lot of face. To regain this he tried to suggest the wife was cheating and the child wasn’t his, until the DNA confirmed the truth and the wife admitted the previous work done. The husband must then have tried to reclaim his face by passing the blame to her for child and the marriage’s beginning.

    The verdict of the case was almost certainly swayed by the husband’s connections. Nothing happens in China without money greasing the cogs and almost every decision is made in favour of the one with the most powerful friends. It sounds horrible but judging by her looks, she has no powerful friends. It just isn’t going to happen.

    Combine these things together and it adds to another day in a corrupt society. If you take out the recent perception that China is modern and developed, this story isn’t at all surprising.

    Some of the stories that don’t make it out of the country are.

  • Love? This has nothing to do with love. He was happy to get himself a trophy wife to parade around and be envied by friends, family, neighbours, etc. Her “beauty” reflected back on him and “enhanced” his status with those around him. He was a “better” man in the eyes of others by having being able to land a “beauty”. Then came the poor baby. A “man” of his “status”, with such a “beautiful” wife could not be seen as having anything other than perfectly beautiful babies. The man lost face with everybody who knew him, probably. Losing face is one of the strongest no-nos in many asian cultures, including China. One endeavours not to lose face or make another lose face. Such a deed reflects negatively not only on you but brings “shame” to all those in your circle, starting with family. The woman made him lose face within his community. Unforgivable. The shallowness of this person reflected in his attitude and coarse words about his own child illustrates, in my opinion, his shock at losing his status in his eyes and the eyes of others. Then he takes his wife to court over it and is granted a compensation for suffering liabilities just as in any business transaction. He got something with “hidden flaws”, now he wants compensation for it. How else can he save face ? He can’t call himself the idiot that he is, can he ? As for the lady, well, i do think it is everyone’s right to do as they please with their bodies but that does not make her any less shallow and image-crazed than he is. I wonder what she thinks of her own baby …….

  • She spent an obscene amount of money on non-essential surgery out of vanity. He’s a superficial brain-dead chauvinist. Neither of them should be trusted with the responsibility of raising a child. Our species needs baby licences NOW.

  • He fell in love with her and married her for what she is – not for what she used to be or was not. His reaction is outrageous and reflective of his own deep insecurities and general shallow character. Of course – not much chance I would hook up with a beautiful woman by conventional standards because I’ve only met a couple ‘class beauties’ that I could stand be around… generally they tend to be as shallow as the guy in the article.

  • I’m thinking the court would grant the guy money based on the wife lying before the marriage, not because of ugliness or anything else. The guy is clearly a nutcase marrying based on looks only and obviously many men do this, but the law would have to pay attention to the false pretenses the most. People can’t lie and then base a legal agreement on the lie. That’s just plain. Actual love never had any remote thing to do with this case or marraige at all OBVIOUSLY, so clearly this also has nothing to do with faith in humanity or anything else for that matter.

  • PLUS I think we are all aware of how other countries focus on marriage as a business transaction instead of anything to do with ‘love’ so it’s really stupid to pretend this had anything to do with love to begin with. duh.

  • What is sad is this girl is going to have to grow up knowing that her own father… the first man that is suppose to love her and build her up …thinks that she is ugly. Imagine what that can do to a girls self esteem. My prayers are with the children.

  • people must always appreciate who they are. i was amazed when they told me that some African International artist who had done plastic surgery on his refused to perform in one of the African countries and just stopped at the airport . his reason was that that country was smelling disappointing all the people who had waited for him to perform.this situation is also similar to one where people bleach them selves from head to toes. i think this lady deserves this but i also dearly feel sad for the baby!!!!!

  • This is a hoax. Those photos are from a plastic surgery ad. Don’t you “journalists” ever do your research instead of recycling crap spread around the Internet? At least Snopes does.

  • I don’t know if I believe this??? I remember reading about a plastic surgeon that married one of his patients, after all her surgery was done. She looked like this woman!

  • I really hope that baby grows to be a beautiful person… Imagine starting out life feeling ugly, your father telling you you’re ugly, and the whole world having evidence before court to confirm that you were born “ugly”. It is a shame that this ever got this far

  • He married her because she had TONS OF MONEY if she had over $100,000 to spend on surgury – he is using the “ugly baby” as a way to get more money, ditch child support and get out of raising the child he made that could be ugly due to his DNA!

  • I think it’s understandable… She got him into the relationship under false pretenses… It’s dishonest.
    Also… Damn… That baby is ugly.

  • He didn’t sue her for being ugly. He sued her for being a phony.
    VERY misleading subject.

    She should countersue him for being shallow. She also was “induced to marry” under false pretenses someone who did not act shallow. She’d win.

  • It sickens me that this fraud tricked this man running his while life and all he got in return was a measly $120k. obviously he could have married an ACTUALLY good looking woman but he got tricked into marrying a liar and corrupting his dna with foul, lying dna. There is a biological basis for ugliness-corrupted DNA.Basically by lying and pretending she had good DNA, she ruined the good DNA of the man who now will never have the life he dreamed and would have had, if not for her horrible fraud. The plastic surgeon should also be arrested for being allowed to perpetrate this fraud. People this ugly (on the inside and out) should not be allowed top trick their way into continuing their genetic line.

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