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Hyper-Connectivity Is Good & Bad, ‘Active’ Video Games May Not Get Kids Moving, Sophia Grace & Rosie Get A Segment On ‘Ellen’

Too Much TechnologyHyper-connectivity is a double-edged sword for Millennials (whose lives are easier thanks to technology, but who also have a harder time retaining information and are more easily distracted. Experts are almost evenly split on whether growing up in an era of always-on technology will be good or bad for Millennials in the long run) (The Republic) (Pew Research)

Experts are also split on whether video games are good for kids (with some convinced that playing games both builds problem solving skills and encourages family bonding when parents and kids play together. And then there are the “active” videogames like Dance Dance Revolution and Wii Sports that supposedly encourage activity, but a recent study finds that may not be the case. The researchers theorize that kids are either getting less exercise aside from the games, or that they play the games with minimal effort) (ReadWriteWeb) (NPR)

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The CW has picked up two episodes of ‘Perez Hilton Superfan’ (in which the blogger hangs out with and interviews celebrities. The two episodes that The CW will air feature Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Speaking of Internet sensations making it on TV, little Sophia Grace and Rosie are getting their own segment on ‘Ellen’ and Taylor Swift is one of their first guests. The gals chat over tea about…boyfriends) (Deadline Hollywood) (E!)

Apple’s iBookstore has added a section for comics and graphic novels (making it easier for fans of the genre to find titles. Marvel is a key partner in the launch, with more than 80 graphic novels featuring its iconic superheros included in the channel) (Publishers Weekly)

Pac-Man is the latest 80s icon to make a comeback among today’s children (thanks to a new series that will debut on Disney XD in 2013. No word yet on the plot of the show or if Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde will make an appearance. In celebration of its 100th anniversary, Oreo’s latest ad campaign includes references to cultural icons from the past century, including Pac-Man. And as a treat, you can also try limited edition Birthday Cake Oreos) (THR) (NYT, reg required)

We’ll be tuning in to Apple’s March 7 event to find out (what high-tech products will be topping students’ wish lists next. We expect that Apple will be debuting new iPad models. Apple is their favorite brand, and iOS is much preferred to Google’s Android, according to our latest research) (WaPo)

We have a few more days to wait to see how Lindsey Lohan does on SNL (but the promos are here! So far this doesn’t look like the train wreck we were expecting…but we’ll see how she does on the live show) (Flavorwire)

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