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How Data Mining Is Changing Education

Data mining has had a tremendous impact to a lot of things all around the world. This includes from the recommendations tab on Netflix to ads on Facebook that are specific to each user based on data received. More importantly, with failing numbers within our educational system, data mining is about to change education for the better!

Picking a College

All who have gone to college to how hard that it is narrowing down which college that a student may want to attend. There are so many factors that a student has to analyze to make sure that the college they want to go to will be the perfect fit. With Data mining, this process will be simpler and hopefully will place students in the correct college that is based on their needs. A company by the name of ConnectEDU, has already started gathering data  and even suggests that with math, the data will be able to chose the school for the student. The data include over 250 points, some of which are test scores, geological location, finances, and more!

College Marketing

While data mining will help the student find that the correct college they want to attend, it will also aid Colleges with their marketing. By having data mining, it will enable the colleges to specifically choose which students that they will need to market to. Through the ConnectEDU site, the colleges can access the data. And can specifically pick geological locations that have students who match up better with their schools. Now colleges will not have to waste time by sending marketing material to students who would not benefit any from what they receive. This will also help the schools cut down on the money they are spending marketing to students who do not fit.

Better Counseling and Advising

Once in college, students will be able to receive better advising and counseling because of data mining. The school will have specific data based on each student. The new data that is being made will help the advisors to be able to see which degree programs they will succeed in and which ones they will not. Also, it can help the students pick courses that they are more likely to exceed in. The concept is to help the student improve their abilities and ultimately help the student to be able to reach their career goals.

Data mining is becoming a great benefit to our educational system here in the United States; though this is at the beginning stages, there has already been a promise from the recent data. From what has been found, there will be an increase in the students’ knowledge because their classes will be geared towards what will help the student to learn! Thanks to companies like ConnectEDU all of these ideas are becoming possible, and with their data, it is surely to be the net big global take over!

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