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Good News is Brewing for the Craft Beer Industry

Are you looking to invest in a new opportunity?  Or, are you a craft beer lover, like myself?  This year, the craft beer industry has participated in a round of cheers for themselves.  In the past four years, this industry saw a reduction in sales.  The Washington Post explained this reduction as a result of the recession.  Many brewers were very wary these past few years, however, their hopes have began to turn around.  Recent reports have indicated a significant increase in the craft beer industry.

The Brewer’s association has announced a twelve percent increase in volume as an additional six million barrels were demanded to be produced in 2012.  They also announced a fifteen percent increase in sales. The Brewer’s Association is a host for of over 1,400 major US beer companies.  Within these companies, 104,000 full-time and part-time people are employed.  This represents over seventy percent of the US beer industry.  The other thirty percent are not current members of The Brewer’s Association, but are expected to be experiencing similar increases.  As many of US breweries, members and non-member of The Brewer’s Association, originated and remain as small businesses, this is an exciteing announcement.  This shows growth not only within this industry, but in the broad spectrum of small businesses as a whole.

The director of The Brewer’s Association, Paul Gatza, believes that consumers are responding to the growth within the industry of craft beer.  India pale ales, Belgian-inspired beers, and seasonal beers are growing in their creativity.  These loyal consumers, typically blue-collar working males in their mid-twenties, have increased their appreciation of the beers.  This is displayed as sales for these brews continue to increase.  As sales continue to increase, jobs are created because the demand also continues to rise.

The US craft beer industry has seen worse days.  Today, it seems to be a great day for brewers across the board.  So, let’s all celebrate together with a round of your favorite craft beer.  Cheers!

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