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Food Bloggers Find Out Red Robin DID NOT Want Them to R&D New Product [Video]


Like to watch train wrecks? Maybe you’re a fan of witnessing couples break up in public? That’s exactly what happened to with a new “partnership” that emerged with popular chain restaurant Red Robin. I’m using the term very, very loosely.

Both SocialNewsDaily and the HuffingtonPost captured the train wreck in a news post that went up late last week, noting the Foodbeast-bloggers were laboring under the impression that Red Robin had propositioned them to create and engineer their new Beer Can cocktails. In reality, the popular chain restaurant had simply sent the bloggers a few gift cards to try the new products at one of their restaurants.

Luckily for the web, reality hit us, the bloggers, where it hurt most, on camera. Luckily Red Robin was still open to us (Foodbeast) putting our footage online and making good on what they actually wanted us to do, just try their product.

Enjoy the disaster:

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