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Fantasy Election ’12, Top Teen Fan Clubs, Tech Transforms Retail

Fantasy Election '12MTV is gamifying the 2012 elections with “Fantasy Election ’12″ (as part of its “Power of 12″ election initiative. The fantasy game uses the same principals as fantasy sports, teaming with partners to pipe in points for politicians that exhibit behaviors that voters want to see and penalizing them for negative actions, such as getting caught in a lie. Likewise, gamers earn points for registering to vote and being politically active. Speaking of politics, Millennials are leaning toward Obama over Romney according to a new poll, but many are still undecided, which means things could go either way) (MTV) (CNN) (BusinessWeek)

Asking a teen to pick one celebrity or music star that they would most like to meet (is a pretty tough question these days. Justin or Jo Bros? Taylor or Demi? It turns out that Bieber just beats Big Time Rush, One Direction, and Demi Lovato) (

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We wouldn’t buy sunglasses — or glasses — without being able to try them on, which is why (Bloomingdale’s is making it possible to try out various pairs while simply looking in a shop window thanks to some pretty slick technology. Its not the only retailer going high tech for glasses; popular Millennial brand Warby Parker, which also has a one-to-one program, lets shoppers try on frames via their webcams. In other retail news, Uniqlo is finally going digital with an ecommerce site for the U.S. The only downside…we have to wait until October) (PSFK) (Ad Age, reg required)

Many Millennials freeze up at the thought of financial planning (because they don’t even know where to start. Although we’re a society in which people are responsible for their own financial health, few kids and teens get a basic education on budgeting and the economy from either their parents or schools) (Detroit Free Press)

To win over young TV viewers, the key is for networks to create a sharable experience (that makes it critical to catch shows as they air. Not only does that drive buzz during the show, but it builds a fan community that is active and engaged, even during a show’s hiatus. MTV is using that social sharing leverage for sponsors, hooking them up with video clips that no one else has, for example. We’re looking forward to getting the scoop on MTV’s Millennial know-how from Nick Shore, the network’s SVP of Strategic Insights and Research, at the Millennial Mega Mashup this May where he’ll be talking about “Generation Innovation.” In this interview, he shares insights on Millennials’ crowd mentality, their creative drive, and what to expect from this generation in the future) (B&C)

Check out this infographic that compares generational attitudes (on the impact of technology. From the ability to communicate to changes in manners and civility, Millennials are least likely to take a negative view) (Mashable)

Stylitics and Her Campus are looking for the most style-savvy campus (in the U.S. Guys and girls can sign up for the site, create a style profile, and earn points by gaining followers and sharing their style on Facebook and Twitter. So far, West Virginia University and University of Texas at Austin are leading the pack — so now you know where to look to cop some style)

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