Don’t Forget to Pick Up the Last Issue of Nintendo Power.

Nintendo Power Comes to An End…

The last issue of Nintendo Power is currently out, so if you want a copy I would highly suggest you get your ass to a store and pick up an issue or, in my case, two issues. I’m going out tonight and I hope that I can still get my hands on a couple copies. This is the last chance you’re ever going to have to go out and pick up a copy of Nintendo Power from newsstands. Back in the day, you didn’t have the Internet to help you out if you were looking for maps and cheat codes. Instead, you had to go out and actually purchase a physical copy of a magazine and skim through the pages to find what particular game you were looking for. Now, those days are over and so is Nintendo Power.

Get Your Hands on the Last Issue of Nintendo Power While You Can.

Whether you’re a collector or not, I’d highly suggest you take the opportunity to grab this last issue of Nintendo Power. Seriously, it’s the end of a legacy. I’m going to try my best to grab two copies; one to keep in a slip cover and one to actually read. Also, if you’re a cheap bastard and want to make a few dollars you could buy some copies and sell them on eBay. I see some copies of this issue going for around $20.00.

Either way, I think it’s sad to see Nintendo Power go and it’s just a reminder that we’re in a new generation. Check out the picture I have attached to this article and you’ll see that the last issue of Nintendo Power looks like a revamped issue of the very first Nintendo Power.

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