Bieber’s New Single, Millennials Want To Make Moviegoing More Social, Kids’ TV

After a long wait, Bieber’s new single ‘Boyfriend’ is here (and we like the more mature sound that has been compared to Justin Timberlake. Sure, the lyrics are a little cheesy and will probably make tween girls swoon, but the song is more sophisticated than his past singles, which will make it appealing to older audiences as well, making it sure to reach #1 on the charts in no time. Oh, and there’s a cameo from “Shawty Mane,” Bieber’s rap alter-ego) (USA Today) (MTV)

Using your phone while at the movies usually elicits lots of scorns and “shhhs” but if it were up to Millennials (texting, tweeting, and checking Facebook would be tolerable at theaters. Engaging with social media and entertainment simultaneously is important to them — after all, that’s what they do when watching TV — so it makes sense that the majority of 18-34 year olds would like to use their phones for similar purposes while at the movies. In fact, they think it would enhance their experience, which makes us wonder if theaters might actually allow this) (Fandango, thanks to Derek Baird for the tip)

Disney just launched Disney Junior, a channel for preschoolers (that will eventually replace Soapnet. This marks a big change for ABC as it steps away from soap operas and focuses more on 2-7 year olds, who will have their own 24-hour network, a lot like Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. In other children’s TV news, check out some of the top cartoons that are sure to reach SpongeBob status) (LA Times) (Adweek)

The Internet has been buzzing about the ‘Hunger Games’ earning $152.5 million at the box office this weekend (which is the third-highest total ever for opening weekend! But besides that impressive feat, here’s some interesting info about the audience which had a more balanced male-to-female ratio than “Twilight” and included a substantial proportion of viewers who were 25 years or older. ABC Family secured the basic cable rights to the movie, as well as “Catching Fire,” which seems like the perfect home since it’s one of the top Millennial networks. Speaking of the movie, check out this comical video of Beanie Babies starring in “The Hunger Games,” but warning: it contains spoilers!) (Variety) (MLive) (Deadline) (Mashable)

Spinning tops known as Beyblades are a top toy today (and although they sound simple, the plastic and metal objects are spinning all around the world! It’s a fun and quick form of entertainment, and the ability to collect them and compete against others has led to Beyblade mania) (NY Times, reg required)

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Paranormal romances and dystopian novels have taken over the YA world the past few years (but it sounds like the new “it” genre will be…thrillers! Publishers Weekly reports that this seems to be the next big trend from the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, which makes us think that vampire stores are finally dying. We can’t wait to see what horror is in store)

If Tony the Tiger or Chester Cheetah taught us anything (it’s that brand mascots can be extremely influential. And today, companies are finding them useful as they can serve as the voice for a brand on social media. Mascots encourage consumers to be fans and lets people put a face to the brand) (AdAge)

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