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Best Keurig Vue Deals for the Holidays

Best Keurig Vue V700 Deals (750x500)

Many early morning risers would agree that coffee’s just heavenly. Imagine how much sweeter that slice of heaven could be if the coffee made itself in less than a minute. Enter the Keurig Vue V700. The programmable, single-serve coffee maker can brew a cup of up to 18 ounces in under a minute. It features a color touchscreen to adjust cup size, temperature, and brew strength; and it comes with a frother to make cappucinos and lattes.

However, it comes at a hefty price, literally. The Vue’s consumer-level coffee maker ranges from $139.99 to $149.99.

Build A Discount

Each hack involves several different steps and combinations of discounts. As of this writing, the best combination—or “Killer Hack”—brings a total savings of $40.60 on the Keurig. First, you must sign up for a Walmart credit card to receive a $25 statement credit, which happens once you spend $75 or more on the sign-up day and the day after. Next, get online and start a membership at, then click through to for a $10 signup bonus and an extra 4 percent bonus ($5.60) with purchase. In the end, you can walk away with a Vue for $99.39.

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There are hacks that require more effort and rather special circumstances, like the following. At Target, discounts on the Vue take a few steps, some time—and a wedding dress. A shopper can put the Vue, which the retailer is offering for $149.99, on a wedding registry at After the nuptials, all unpurchased registry items will be discounted by 10%, or $15 on the Vue. An extra discount of 5% is available at, for the total savings of $21.75.

Target also offers online and in-store discounts for customers who turn to the retailer for prescription medication. Through the Target Pharmacy Rewards Program, customers can get a discount of 5%. This may not be the easiest either.

Easier Hacks

Not all hacks take equal effort. In general, the easier the hack, the less savings are involved. For instance, the easiest hack involves the website Mr. Rebates. You can get a rebate of 5%, or $7, to use at The discount reduces the Vue to $132.99.

That’s not to say all easy hacks aren’t worthwhile. Macy’s, which has reduced its price on the Vue from $219.99 to $134.99, offers two, easy-to-use discount combinations. Customers who print the Macy’s coupon can get 15% off their next purchase. The department store also has a special offer for shoppers who live at least 250 miles from a Macy’s. The shoppers can download the Macy’s Visitor Savings Pass to get 10% off a purchase.

Using a Discover credit card to purchase a Vue comes with 5% discount at and a 10% discount at The discounts are activated through the ShopDiscover online mall.

Point of Vue

Hack your way to the best Keurig Vue V700 deals for the holidays and get it as the ideal gift for those whose blood type is French Roast. The counter top machine brews a strong cup of Joe, and comes with about 70 flavors, including Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice Latte. Discount combinations put the coffee maker within financial reach, but not to be overlooked are the specialized Vue K-cups, which can cost a pretty penny.

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