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Angry Birds Take On The Final Frontier, Generation Screwed?, Smokeless College Campuses

Angry Birds SpaceWe expect workers and students will experience a massive dip in productivity next month… (Nope, not because of the March Madness tournament, but because of an all-new Angry Birds game. This time, the flustered fowl are flinging themselves through space, dealing with zero gravity and “lightspeed mode”! Teachers, ready your lesson plans, because the physics in space are once again perfectly accurate. Also, in a first for any gaming property, Rovio is unleashing the new edition simultaneously with retail merchandise and animation extensions. It all happens on March 22!) (Yahoo!)

Highly educated and graduating in a time of high unemployment, are Millennials really (“Generation Screwed?” This infographic lays out some of the issues, including their reliance on their parents for money, their choice of majors that lead to jobs with high unemployment rates, their demand for high pay and speedy advancement, and a belief that luck more so than work ethic leads to success. It paints a bleak picture, but Millennials are still optimistic about their futures) (OnlineGraduatePrograms) (Pew Research)

University campuses may be joining the list of smoke-free public spaces (thanks to a little push from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, which established new rules that require the buildings and surrounding areas where its research is conducted — including campuses across the country — to be smoke-free. If not, the institute would cut the research funding it provides to the universities, so many of the schools are considering a smoking ban) (NY Times, reg required)

Girl Scouts are testing out “virtual troops” in an effort (to reach girls wherever they are. They may meet via web conferencing tools but they can progress through levels of girl scouting like any “real” troop. Girl Scouts is also innovating in other ways, updating its badge program to include tech skills, instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in young members, and encouraging them to think big) (Fast Company)

In a continuing trend, “Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie” was released on Facebook over the weekend (before it has even hit theaters. “Social cinema” is a way for companies to reach new audiences and give fans added benefits. For the movie’s Facebook premiere, fans could rent the movie for $10, which included a live chat with the movie’s creators and stars, Tim and Eric, who have built up a fan base thanks to their Cartoon Network show “The Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!” Debuting movies on Facebook is a way for independent films to get wider exposure, but major theaters are also using social media to rent films after they’re out of theaters — from

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