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$425 Million Powerball Jackpot: 10 Things You Could Purchase With The Winnings

175 million to one. Can you beat those odds? If so, you might be a winner in Wednesday’s record-high $425 million Powerball jackpot.

Most of us would be thrilled to win a couple thousand. A million would be a dream come true. But $425 million? It’s an amount that many of us can’t even fathom.

So what exactly can you buy with that much money? The answer is: pretty much anything you want. To put it into perspective for you, here are 10 things you can purchase with $425 million.

10 Things You Could Purchase With Your Powerball Winnings

#1: 851,703 iPads. If you’ve been searching around for a really good Cyber Monday deal on the new iPad with Retina Display, you’re probably striking out. But if you’re the lone winner of Wednesday’s jackpot, you can purchase 851,703 iPads. That’s enough to give a new iPad to every single person in San Francisco — and still have almost 40,000 iPads left over to share with all of the friends you’re sure to be making!

#2: 989 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupes. Maybe luxury cars are more your style. The 2013 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe starts at $429, 295, meaning you can purchase almost a thousand of them with your lottery winnings. Better save some money to build a bigger garage!

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#3: The two most expensive celebrity homes in America. In 1991, the late producer Aaron Spelling and his wife, Candy, built ‘The Manor’ — a 57,000 square feet mansion that sprawls across 5 acres of land. Inside the French chateau-style Holmby Hills home, you’ll also find a gym, skating rink, swimming pool, bowling alley, and tennis courts. The house is valued at $150 million. But you’d still have a few hundred million left after that, so what about buying a second house just for a fun getaway? In Medina, Washington sits Xanadu — Bill Gates’ 66,000 square feet mansion. In addition to the standard gym and swimming pool, Xanadu also has a theater, reception hall, grand staircase, and a bowling alley, plus 2,100 square feet of library. That’s all to say nothing of the tech features that are included. Gates’ home is valued at $147.5 million.

#4: 1,700,068 PS Vitas. The new handheld Wi-Fi console from Playstation is certain to be topping the list of top items this holiday season. With $425 million, you could be the proud owner of over 1.5 million of them.

#5: 157,465 Smart Refrigerators. Behold: the future of refrigerators. With all of the new homes you’re going to be purchasing, you might not need quite this many of Samsung’s smart refrigerators, but they’ll help you stay connected no matter where in the world you are! The touchscreen display features apps so that you can leave digital versions of fridge notes, browse recipes, and even stay updated on sites like Facebook and Twitter. In addition to being very rich, you’ll also be very cutting edge.

#6: 9 Executive Jets. With the higher end models costing about $45 mil, you can purchase nine of them. Spring for a slightly less-expensive model and you’ll be able to afford a pilot and care for your jet, as well. Now that you’re a multi-millionaire, it’s time to retire early and get started on that jet-setting lifestyle you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

#7: 653,856 32 GB Samsung Galaxy SIIIs. At their full retail value of almost $650, you can own over 650,000 of them — without plans. If you opted to have a plan on all of your phones, you could actually own more.

#8: 236 Tiffany’s Cushion-Cut 11.22 Carat Diamond Rings: Tiffany’s is synonymous with class, elegance, and high quality items, not the least of which is their jewelry. Diamonds, in particular, are well-revered at Tiffany’s. But such quality doesn’t come without a price, and this diamond ring comes in at $1,800,000. At that price, you could afford over 200 of them with your Powerball jackpot.

#9: 1,396 Bottles of Chateau Cheval Blanc. If this many bottles of the “greatest Bordeaux of all time” existed, at $304,375 each, you could own over a thousand bottles of the world’s most expensive wine.

#10: Towns. At the end of the summer, The Huffington Post shared a story from CNBC about five towns that were for sale. These towns included Garryowen, MT, Frannie, WY, Valle Piola, Italy, Henry River Mill Village, NC, and Toomsboro, GA. As for you? You could own all five of them for only $5,475,000, meaning you’ll have plenty to spare. Don’t want to buy a town? While the one thing you apparently can’t afford is the $29.4 billion it will cost to clean up the state of New Jersey post-Hurricane Sandy, you could consider helping a few of those shore towns that have been destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

It’s hard to even think about what you could or would do with $425 million dollars, but we’d like to hear what you think!

Will you be playing for the Powerball jackpot? If you win, what would you do with the money? 

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