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Time for a Positive Change

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I was recently inspired by Julien Smith’s blog who was initially inspired by his friend Rog Law on Facebook. From Julien’s blog” Be the hero of your own story.” A positive chain of reaction.

This got me thinking about two things: gathering inspiration from friends and that no one can get things done for you EXCEPT YOU! Making excuses for not starting or finishing things, not doing the things on your to-do list or being the person you want to be are just that exactly: excuses.

I have a friend, Heather Frey, who is a personal trainer and her message online is always motivational and inspiring. I have many other friends who are positive, supportive and awesome. I nurture these relationships because they are important to me. Who do you have in your life that you can look to for inspiration? Surrounding yourself with positive people who are getting things done can help you get things done. Be inspired.

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A fantastic post on Leo Babuta’s Zen Habits blog called 11 Simple Ways to Create Genuine Connections with the People who Make Failure Impossible suggests thatThere is no faster, more effective way to fill the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be than having the right passionate and supportive people in your corner. There is no bigger life hack. Environment is everything. And it’s 100 percent in our control.”

12 Most is a great example of how things can get done with passion and support. This passion project takes hours and hours of time each week but my partner, Paul Biedermann and I get the job done. We know what needs to be done and can count on each other to complete all our tasks: no excuses or whining. Task lists, high standards, personal responsibility and a positive community are the hallmarks of 12 Most.

“Don’t wait around or expect anyone else to create your own success or happiness – that’s entirely yours to make. The princess is in another castle and nobody is gonna save her but you.” Julien Smith

Stop making excuses for the present or the past and start making lists. Stick with the list and inspire yourself with actions leading to becoming the hero of your own life. Believe me, people notice if you are making excuses and not living up to your word and commitments.

“Be your own hero, it’s cheaper than a movie ticket.” – Douglas Horton

There is an online community called the Nerdfighters started by John Green and Hank Green. Their mission is “to decrease world suck” and to embrace being awesome. The rules for their group are:

1. Don’t be mean.

2. Don’t forget to be awesome.

In John Green’s words “A lot of life is about doing things that don’t suck with people who don’t suck.”

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The argument can be made that awesome is overused and passé but I will make the counterarguement that there are entirely too many negative vibes and suck in the world. We need some awesome. Being awesome doesn’t mean that you are perfect or your life is perfect, nothing is perfect. Setting high standards and working towards them to the best of your ability is awesome. Helping a friend, stranger or family member is awesome. Being positive in the face of negativity is awesome. Criticizing others, writing mean things, making excuses for your crappy behavior equals suck. Frankly, who needs that?

How are you going to take some positive action in your own life today? Who will you be surrounded with in your life in person and online to inspire you? Are these people encouraging you to be the best you?

I’d love to hear a positive change that you implement today. How are you going to be the hero in your own life? Don’t forget to be awesome! #DFTBA

Be the Hero of Your Own Story by Julien Smith

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