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The Businessperson’s Guide to Streamlining Your Life

One of the biggest challenges any business person faces is keeping it all balanced. Commonly these always-on-the-go professionals find themselves pulled in a hundred different directions, the demands of work keeping them from spending quality time with their families and the duties of maintaining their households preventing them from being able to utilize whatever time they do spend at home for leisure. If you are experiencing this push and pull and feel like you’re simply missing out on so many of the important things in life, consider making some changes and streamlining your life and work habits to give yourself more time to be there for your family.


It’s easy to feel like if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself; however, as you climb the corporate ladder it will simply become impossible to get everything done without help. If you currently covet all of your work, not giving out any to subordinates, it’s time to modify this practice. If you are nervous that you will lose control of some important facets of your business life by delegating, start small. Begin by handing off one or two largely unimportant tasks to those below you. As you delegate more you will become more skillful at following up on delegated tasks and in relaxing as others complete these tasks for you.

Screen Your Contacts

From calls coming from vendors trying to sell you new products to emails from suppliers that don’t contain vital information, throughout the day you are likely confronted with an array of unnecessary communications that eat up your time. If you find that you spend a lot of time attending to these unnecessary contacts, change the way in which you handle them. Have your secretary more adeptly screen your calls, giving her clear instructions on who you want to talk to and from whom she should just take a message. If your email is a beast, give her access to this as well, trusting her to sort out the junk and leave you only the necessary nuggets of communication, saving you the time and hassle associated with doing so yourself.

Outsource Daily Tasks

In this day and age you can have almost everything done for you. If you are struggling to balance it all, consider hiring professionals to complete more everyday services than you currently are. By hiring individuals to do the mundane though necessary tasks like laundry and house cleaning, you can shove a few of these items off of your already overflowing plate, making your life easier and allowing yourself to spend the time you would have spent doing them paying attention to your family instead. While it can be costly to sidestep completing these lifestyle maintenance tasks yourself, if you are a frugal shopper and pay attention to advertised deals, you can make doing so affordable.

As a dedicated business person, you will necessarily face the challenge of trying to juggle it all. Even the most skillful juggler needs a break from time to time, however. If keeping all of the balls you currently have in the air aloft has started to take its toll on you and your family, make a change. Adopt some new, streamlining practices and allow yourself to better keep up with the rigors of life and enjoy the fruits of your labor with your cherished family.

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