Starting a Roofing Business

Have you ever dreamed of making a career out of doing roof repairs? If so, then you should definitely consider starting your own roofing business. Owning your own roofing business is a great way to bring in a decent income and be your own boss. You can stay busy all year long by offering a wide range of residential and commercial services.

However, there are a couple of important steps that you will need to take to insure that your business is a success. Below are some tips for starting a roofing business:

Get roofer’s insurance

Before you start doing any type of work, you will need to purchase roofer’s insurance. A lawsuit could potentially bring your business to a close if you do not have insurance. You will need equipment insurance and personal liability insurance.

Hired qualified contractors

The next step in starting your business is to hire a qualified contractor. The contractors that you hire should be licensed and insured. If the contractors are not insured, then they will need to be covered under your insurance. Additionally, the contractors should be comfortable working with asphalt shingles, tiles, slate and wood.

Purchase your safety equipment

You will also need to purchase safety equipment. This includes things such as self-retracting lanyards, roof fall protection, first aid kits, gas cans, safety harnesses, ear plugs, hard hats and gas cans.

Purchase the supplies needed to do the job

After you purchase your safety equipment, you will need to purchase the equipment and supplies that you need to do the repairs. Hammers, ladders, caulking guns and loaders and brackets are examples of some of the types of supplies that you will need. You should also consider purchasing blowers, paint, roofing foam and spraying systems.

Buy a truck and trailer

Once you have purchased all of your supplies, you should buy a truck and trailer. Purchasing a trailer is actually an optional step, but it can make it much easier for you to haul your equipment from one place to another. Winch bars, conveyors and cargo straps are some of the supplies that you will need for your truck.

Purchase a business license

Most states require that all business owners have a valid business license. You will need to contact the construction authority in your area to find about all of the necessary permits.

Determine the method of payment that you will accept

The final step in starting your own roofing business is to determine the method of payment that you will accept. You may only accept cash or checks initially. However, it is important to note that many people today pay for things with their debit or credit card. That is why you will probably need to accept credit and debit cards when your business begins to grow. You will need to set up a merchant account before you can accept credit and debit cards. If you have any questions about rates, then you should contact other roofers in your area.

Starting a roofing business is hard work. Fortunately, it can potentially be lucrative and rewarding once you have taken the time to properly prepare.

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  • I have owned a roofing business for 11 years. Where did you get your information? It is clear that you have no idea what you are talking about. This article is poorly researched, poorly written, and bad advice.

    • JohnDoe says:

      Greg Cannon:
      can you offer your best advice for someone who is looking to take his or her first steps towards starting a very efficient roofing company

  • I love the part about buying all the supplies and equipment and I guess just leaving them on the sidewalk somewhere while you then go out and buy a truck, and maybe a trailer.
    I also love this part:”The next step in starting your business is to hire a qualified contractor. The contractors that you hire should be licensed and insured.”
    I though ‘you’ were starting the business, which makes ‘you’ the contractor. So what’s with hiring a contractor? Maybe you meant to hire employees.
    BTW, you skipped the part about having any knowledge of roofing. I guess the new contractor, you, just climb onto the roof and scratch you head and just decide to nail something down at some random spot?

  • Caleb Laughlin says:

    I did not know that gas cans were safety equipment!

  • Wm Ellison says:

    since this article is obviously for bored people with a lot of money sitting around to invest instead of someone who would actually be working on the roof why not just advise them to invest in a small established roofing company? The result would probably be better and do less potential damage to innocent homeowners. If the purpose of the business is showing a loss on your next years taxes then this article probably contains some great advice.

  • Donnie says:

    Oh My, You are obviously not self employed. The information you are offering is terrible

  • Was this written from a Storm Chaser? Paper Pusher? Please do not take this advise. The IRS has a better business model that you can use. Poorly written and executed solely for the purpose of SEO. Garbage! I hope google takes this and makes your rankings worse.
    Roofing is hard work and dedication. It’s not just about hiring contractors, Why would you need to hire a contractor? YOU are supposed to be the contractor. Owning a business means having employees not sub-contractors. Please get your facts straight first. Ask other Roofers for your research. Real roofers, not the ones that chase storms and get homeowners without a clue on the hook to use them instead of a competent Roofing Company.

    • gonzalez says:

      if u please get in contact with me on any real ,good advice I’d love to hear frm u,, my husband has 1 1/2 working roofing and this is something he wants to persue on our own littlt by little,,, I’m in school my selfand planIng in taking roofing classes here in phx,az phienix community college,,, but we have takensum advice from several people and it seems there pokets got bigger and we ended up with bills,,, we are also very determined on seeing this threw,,, but yes please it sounds like the info lyngo frm you end sounds good so please contact soon with all you can advise us on our journey to being self contractors,,, Thank you ,,,

  • elmer dowling says:

    WOW, it’s just that easy! I agree the FIRST thing you need to become a roofing contractor is KNOWLEDGE! I’ve been roofing for 38 years and self-employed for over 28 years. I am my contractor, don’t use subs, they usually end up costing more then you make in the end. Storm chasers, there some good ones but stay LOCAL! When you have a problem the local company will still be there. By the way if you are looking at starting your own roofing business, you’d better be ready for long days and very few days off! When you own the company you are on call all the time.

  • Tony glidden says:

    I have came into about 150k and have been a foreman my whole
    Life and I’d pay for some advice!! 7724751260

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