Get Over Your Fear

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.”

~ Sven Goran Eriksson

Even though we may each define success a bit differently, fearful individuals are rarely successful. Your fear can keep you from succeeding and becoming what you wish to become. Fear constantly stops or stalls progress.

The fastest way to move toward personal development is by confronting fears. The simplest way to do away with fear is by understanding that you are in control of everything. Simple to say, but not always easy to do. You always manifest your principal mental state. The world you see around you is very ,much an expression of how you feel on the inside. When you begin to fully comprehend this, you will fear less, by altering your mental state.

Be Real

In order to defeat your fear and you must make it trivial. You must either make the fear smaller or make your dreams bigger.

Even when you don’t know precisely what step to take, it is your own single-mindedness that will continue to propel you moving forward. Remember that you are in charge of your mind and what goes on inside of it. Take a serious look at your ideas and see what’s going on with your thoughts about what you wish to have in your life, and what you don’t wish.

You might see your thoughts, or hear them or feel them. It doesn’t matter which. The most important thing is that you learn to enlarge what you wish and shrink what you don’t wish. I’m not talking about simply brushing aside the bad stuff in your brain. I am suggesting that you make it insignificant for the moment, in the now. You are always able to reverse course later if you wish.

Whatever you feel you can change. How you feel can be altered. Remember that you are in total control. Most people just aren’t willing to claim their own power and take active responsibility.


One of the chief ways to defeat your fears day in and day out, is to admit that they are there. They exist. Take a serious look at where it is that you wish to go, continue to move ahead without overthinking the situation, as if you already knew where you wanted to be. There’s no reason to repeatedly second guess yourself, as it will simply hold you back. Regardless of how afraid you are, if you’re always truthful with yourself, you can find a way to overcome or get around it. You know where you wish to go and you know what you need to do to get there. Any fear is trivial compared to this if it’s holding you back. It’s a waste of your valuable time.

Everybody deals with fear, but the successful individuals take action and are willing to deal with the fallout and consequences.

The only downside to trying to think this way is that it doesn’t work on matters you’re not truly passionate about. For example, I’m a little grossed out by insects, spiders, etc. But I’ve no motivation to work hard on that fear, as it’s not really relevant to the rest of my life.

How to make your fears trivial

If a fear emerges, consider where you want to go and determine if you’re moving forward in the correct direction, or moving away from your goal. If you decide you’re moving in the correct direction, recognize the fear and continue moving forward anyway. This calls for courage at the beginning. But, as you become more and more comfortable with the process, it gets easier to believe that it will work in every instance.

Why is it that when you walk down the street and run into a sign that states “Construction, Stay Out,” you immediately consider the best way to get around it and continue moving forward. But when you’re trying to make a more satisfying life for yourself and something comes in your way, you stop dead in your tracks? It’s because of the disciplining, programming and the affiliations you’ve made in your life.

Everything can be changed. Remember you have the ability to do whatever you wish. There are no excuses. Every time you confront one of your fears, it shrivels and finally disappears. The most difficult part is getting through this the first couple times. You already have courage, but to muster up more, look carefully at what it means to buckle under the weight of your fear, instead of moving through it. Life nearly always looks better when you confront your fears and move through them.

If you buckle under your fear, you will have regrets. If you can learn to confront your fear, you’ll continue to grow and moving forward, to a much more fulfilling life.


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