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Are You the Dent in the Universe?

A lot of business owners and successful people feel that their best work is done when what they are doing is actually benefiting or making a difference.


Now we are not talking disease curing treatments or technology (however this would be great and fully recommended to try and pursue) but just small things that make the everyday users life easier.

It could be the smallest thing but if it makes the user say ‘this has made my life so much easier’ or if it answers someone’s cry for help, then you are on the right track. It means you can fully appreciate that you have gone out of your way to produce something that will help people.

The argument is that with a tech startup they are generally produced because a problem has been found and this is set to solve, even though it’s usually a problem you never know you had. This is great and it obviously ticks all of the boxes above but like I mentioned in previous articles these startups start off as a helping hand but end up being a high stakes betting game of flipping and running.

Will you be building another me-too project or will this be a life shaking and changing creation? Imagine to yourself what the users would say if you took your project off the market, would they notice it and wonder how they will cope with the same problems?  If so you are on the right track for producing a product/service that is making a dent in the universe.

How would you feel about me telling you that the dent in the universe is not going to happen itself, nor is the problem solving product? You could dedicate a life’s work to producing something that solves the problems and issues of thousands or millions of people.

Sitting around waiting for the solution to your problem to arrive is just as bad as producing a product that exploits and does little to help anyone. Turn the idea into a legacy and strive for the long term success of the business, most importantly helping people for generations to come.

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