WordPress Ode to Picasso – Vertical Sites for Artists

Centuries ago, an artist synonymous to creativity itself Pablo Picasso told the world that every child is an artist the problem is staying an artist when you grow up. It is not just a quotation of a legend but speaks about the issues that artists face in putting their creativity in front of world. It is not true that the skills of an artist go down in absence of a medium to share but it certainly overfills a creative personality. Understanding this, WordPress has launched vertical portfolio themes for Photo bloggers, Photographers, Graphic Designers, and Sketch Persons. Apart from this, it will also be help for painters, theater artists, makeup artists, and sculptures.

Wordpress for Photographers

It is a revolutionary step in the world of art. Now and so on, creative artists will be able to portray their creativity in front of entire virtual world. You as an artist can take high quality pictures of your creativity upload on your Blog.

It is Free!

It is really interesting to know for every creative artist that WordPress has again showed its commitment towards flourishing creativity. Initially, it came up with free blogging tool for writers, journalists, freelance bloggers, and creative professional. Considerably, it has never asked for any money until you do not expects more control over CSS and custom URL address. In case, you demands so then you just need to pay a little to WordPress for managing your website. Moreover, you get a secured server and search engine friendly web architecture to keep your site populated with your targeted audience.

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Recently, it has come up with vertical portfolio sites. These sites will be a boon to creative artists. These sites will help such professions in showing their pictures, photographs, and sketch copies. You are only required to take high-resolution pictures of your art pieces. It will help you in displaying your art pieces in front of your potential audience.

Be Brave! Pay A Little

It is suitable for naïve painters, photographers, and sketch persons to make use of free version of WordPress. In case of professional artists, it is suitable to take more control on their sites with custom URL. It will help you in making your online presence more beautiful than the free version. Currently, photographers and other artists can choose their themes from a set of 30 different themes. You can make changes in your website colors and fonts. In order to gain control over CSS, you will only have to pay $30 yearly for full control on your site look and feel. In such sites, WP users can attach images in their slides. Moreover, these portfolio sites are also helpful for theater artists as they can embed HD videos by paying $60 per year for Video Press service.

Hire Me for WordPress

Take Help of A Coder

Your hardly earned money will go in vain if you will not take help of an excelled coder in creation of your CSS. Your site’s look and feel should be symbolic of your creative persona.

You may have excellence in taking pictures and drawing lines over paper but creating designs in Photoshop and then converting your PSD to WordPress theme may be a tricky thing for you. Therefore, you should prefer taking services of a WordPress development company to create your site symbolic of your personality.

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