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Windows 8.2. New Changes Are Coming

The recently released operating system Windows 8.1 is a thing of the past. Microsoft is attentively monitoring the reviews for this version and the company has already started to create a list of changes that will appear in the new Windows 8.2. We’re intriducing you the most interesting features of the upcoming Windows 8.2 operating system.

Start Menu

One of the main features (and a major disappointment) of the Windows 8.1 operating system was the “Start” button  return, which users had asked for so long. Surely, Microsoft has fulfilled its propise, but did it in its own way: pressing the left button now takes the user to the start Metro screen. And to open the familiar “Start” menu you have to make a right click on it . It is expected that the new Windows 8.2 will habe what we want to see it – the “Start” menu opening by pressing the left mouse button and the menu having a familiar look.

Release Date

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It is assumed that the Windows 8.2 update will be released in January 2014. This stems from the huge amount of bugs in the current version. Let’s remind that Microsoft even had to remove from its Windows 8.1 RT version from the App Store due to the fact that it was working incorrectly.


Just like Windows 8.1, the new Windows 8.2 version will be a free update. It is a positive trend which is popular with users.

Internet Explorer browser

As you remember, in Windows 8.1 Microsoft introduced a new version of Internet Explorer 11, which looks no different from the previous version. However, Windows 8.2 will get the following modification of the browser, in which Microsoft will present its latest developments in the speed of loading pages increase.

File Explorer

The new version of Windows 8.2 Microsoft will restore the File Explorer library by default. Yes, it can be incorporated in the current version of the operating system, but Microsoft tech support has been written so many questions about where it can be configured in, so Redmond decided to show the File Explorer by default.

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  • The windows 8.1 os seems to be allowing more and more older apps which run on xp , I hope 8.2 will run antiviruses too.

  • That’s great news as my computer worked fine on Windows 8, soon as I upgraded to Win 8.1, (after a heavy battle to get it from Store), my wireless trips out, I cant download games, nor watch TV or live shows nor You Tube. Windows 8.1 and Wireless Adapters, need to be fixed.

  • It would be nice if they can make it convenient to use all their apps on a local account. Can’t use the email app without signing in. Want to use Skydrive on a a local account, fat chance buster.

    • John, I completely agree. Not with just the eMail aspect, but a lot of places where I’d prefer a local account which integrated with SkyDrive better.

  • Good that it keeps improving and the update will be free.
    However I just can’t understand all the angst about the Start Button. The new Start Page which allows you – the user – to arrange it to meet personal requirements is far superior to the old Start Button in my opinion. Also the comments that it’s harder for older people to learn – rubbish I’m pushing 80 and think it’s the best yet.

    • Norm, it’s not that the Start Page can’t be learned, but keep in mind it’s REALLY no better and 1,000s upon 1,000s of people require hours and hours of support and waste time switching around trying to find their applications in office environments. When you waste an hour of a 100 people’s time every day for a couple weeks, then 30 minutes a day for another month– that adds up to real $$.

    • The main problem with Windows 8.1 is that when an application is installed it does NOT appear in the start screen. You have to choose to add it from the All Apps menu. A total waste.

  • This isn’t true, just a rumor. Though if Microsoft really did do this then maybe we all would give W8 a chance.

    There is no credible sources either.

  • What is the source of this info? And what do you mean by “show the File Explorer by default”? Is it about that libraries would be shown in Explorer’s navigation panel by default again?

  • Catherine (Katerina), not trying to be picky but there are some English grammar mistakes in your article. I highly recommend you ask someone to proof read your articles before submission. I’ll be happy to do that for you at no charge.

  • I still maintain that Windows 8 is great operating system, although to me it feels more like Windows 7 with some new features.

    Personally I think Microsoft should have adopted the option to choose between the Windows 8 Modern/Metro UI or to use a classic Windows Start Menu (with the Windows 7 effect on it) by doing this people would have been more willing to move to the Modern UI in there own time, then once people had adjusted to this fully they could have pushed it out as a mandatory new feature in a much later release of windows.

  • I just downloaded Windows8.1, I had tried before without success.
    The biggest problem was entering my MicroSoft Account password,
    it was rejected time and again. I received messages saying I had tried to enter my password. Finally I went to another computer
    to reset my password. If I’m offered 8.2 I shall be cautious.

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