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What Industrial Computer Suits Your Needs?

Sometimes, in a market there can be so much choice that you might not be sure what exactly is right for you and your industry needs. Below is a list of industrial computers, how they work, what they do and the type of industries that benefit from them.

Single Board Computers

Single board computers are a complete computer in just one single circuit board. They have microprocessors, memory and input and output. They come in a wide range of formats and come in compact sizes or full sized boards. They come in two types, slot support and no slots. No slots are used in devices such as poker games and machines whereas more complicated industrial devices benefit from a slot support single circuit board. Some types offer a lot of backplanes meaning they can slot in any number of cards mixed with any slot type. They don’t take much space up you can get smaller version that come in useful when space is limited. Single board computers are manufactured for a niche market in small numbers so they can be costly.

Single board computers can be used in industry devices such as retina-scanning machines for farming, motion controllers, graphics machines you might see in a pub and they can even be found in trains.

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Panel PCs

Panel PCs are compact units containing both the computer and the display screen with either a touch screen or a keyboard depending on its use. They come in a powerful, high performance processor multi-functional design or alternatively as a fanless panel PC. Industrial panel computers come in a wide range of screen sizes for a number of uses and are able to work continuously for 24 hours.

Panel PCs industrial uses are within a unit in consoles, standard control cabinets and in control panels. They can be used on a stand in factories where they show informative visuals on an assembly line.

Multi-Touch Window PCs

Multi-touch window PCs are sleeker than other industrial designs. They name suggests that they can recognised multiple points of contact on their screen so are idea to use with more than one finger and allows to pinch to zoom. They come in variations of screen sizes and often have anti-scratch screens for industrial uses. They are slim and light so can be mounted on desks, walls and ceilings.

As a multi-touch window PCs is a great display industrial computer, it is ideal for displays where you want to show information and interaction such as in a museum. They are also great for showing off selling points and creating visuals in show rooms to impress would-be customers.

Fanless Embedded Computers

Fanless computers are almost silent to they are idea for those working in the film or music industries where they will need complete silence so that the audio they are listening is completely clear of any background noise. A fanless pc is able to work 24 hours continuously due to being cooled down by other methods and therefore are great for 24/7 factories and other industries where they will need to be in constant use.

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