What Are The Best Firewall Options For Windows 7?

Ever since the launch of Windows 7, users have been confused about the kind of firewall that would best complement its advanced settings. Several older varieties of firewalls which had been effective for the earlier versions of Windows have proven to be quite redundant in this case.

Many people have resorted to a hardware variety of router in order to end all their firewall woes while others have chosen the software option. Each of these firewalls has its own pros and cons. The following points will help you –

1. ESET Smart Security – The version five of Smart Security firewall from ESET is a good option for protecting Windows 7 enabled computer. In addition to offering the standard defense against spam and pop-ups, this comes with a dual firewall technology that offers the maximum protection from malware and other viruses that might affect your computer.

2. Kaspersky Anti-Virus – This is one of the most popular anti-virus firewalls that are available in the market. It is good for most varieties of operating systems including Windows 7. It works round the clock to offer you the most comprehensive protection against all kinds of Trojans, adware, malware, and other viral bugs.

Although it is steeply priced at $59.95, it comes with great additional features like a URL Advisor an advanced System Watcher tool and a Safe Run mode for dealing with more critical threats to your computer.

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3. Norton Internet Security 2012 – Norton is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the firewall market. It has a very strong R&D team that has devised the latest version of its internet security system. Other than a sophisticated 2-way firewall that is offered by most companies these days, it is also packed with some great bonus features.

For instance, it offers smooth updates, protection of important documents against phishing, various kinds of tools to manage your unique bandwidth, monthly threat reports et al. Its recovery tool is also one of the best that the market has to offer.

4. ZoneAlarm – ZoneAlarm is known for its clean design and simple layout that is extremely user-friendly. Other than dual-edged filter that caters to incoming as well as outgoing data, it gives a very good defense against all kinds of hackers and viruses. It comes with two options for free firewall protection and a paid one. This allows you the power to sample the service that it has to offer before you invest in it.

5. Outpost Security Suite – This is one of the best firewall installations that come completely free of charge. Although outpost offers a Pro version to its clients, it is more known for its unbelievably effective free firewall protection that can be easily downloaded to Windows 7.

Now that you know the various options for Windows 7 firewall protection that are available in the market you are free to choose one that you consider to be the best. Find loads more info here about the best firewall options for Windows 7 that best compliment the default firewall of the Microsoft Operating System.

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  • chris says:

    win 7 firewall is good enough. a router’s firewall also. no need for additional bloat.

  • Cranium says:

    Useless article. Use a router with a firewall. Leave the default Windows 7 firewall turned on as it already blocks all inbound connections. You don’t need to buy another one.

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