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Web Design: an Industry Thriving Throughout London and the UK

In a time when the Internet is taking the world by storm, there are more and more careers being formed that would never have been as much as a concept ten years ago. In the past there were jobs based around content writing and marketing, but today it seems as though the majority of agencies that use the web are incorporating a wide variety of different sectors into their own.


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Take the London-based web design agency Dhub as an example. They are predominantly a web design agency, itself a thriving industry and one of the most popular in the UK right now, but they also incorporate search engine optimisation and social media into the packages they offer. This is because they feel the need to branch out beyond just the single service to give them that edge on all of the other digital agencies in the immediate area, as well as the rest of the country – and even the world, with online agencies able to work in real-time with clients all over the globe.

Web design in particular, as mentioned, is booming at the moment. With technologies developing beyond simple desktop computers, the challenges now are to create great looking sites across all platforms from mobile and smartphones, to tablets, laptops and desktop PCs.

Graphics and design are two particularly popular lessons for many students while at school or college, allowing them to develop their artistic talents and the web has opened up a new world of possibilities for them in particular. Those with a passion for graphics, and a knowledge of IT systems such as HTML5 and content management systems, can now take their talents from the page to the webpage and create unique, stylish websites for companies and individuals to use as their own personal sites or to use for their brand.

Websites are fast becoming the number one marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, allowing them to increase their reach across the globe rather than restricting themselves to the immediate area and people walking into their stores off the high streets. More and more brands are, in fact, closing physical branches and turning their attentions online, increasing their audience and sales through the website where people have the opportunity to buy or make enquiries 24-hours a day.

One of the most essential parts of successful web design, and something that makes web designers in London and other major cities so popular, is simplicity combined with style. Implementing the KISS principle – Keep It Simple, Stupid – helps designers to achieve stylish sites, without incorporating too many of the latest innovations that are tempting to use and might look great, but when put together it can be highly detrimental to the overall experience of the site on the various platforms.

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